bathroom makeover for less than $300

bathroom mini makeover

give a bathroom a whole new look for less than $300We didn’t quite have the time to do a total overhaul on the upstairs bathroom like we did downstairs.

bathroom update for less than $300However, with only a couple hundred dollars and some paint, we did have the chance to give this bathroom a mini renovation.

bathroom makeover for less than $300 (before and after!)The main must-go-now component was, strangely enough, the white vanity. As far as ugly vanities go, we have seen (and replaced) far worse. However, what this vanity lacked in glaring atrociousness, it made up for in dysfunctionality. Not only were the drawers shoved into spaces that were slightly too big (causing them to often fall right out), the faucet leaked constantly, the tile countertop was bland and ugly and the sink was even worse than the countertop.

bathroom redo for less than $300Besides replacing the defunct vanity, sink and faucet with a dresser and vessel sinks, we painted over the bandaid-ish taupe walls, replaced all of the hardware, painted the wooden trim white, redid the 1980s country shelves, and added a new mirror.

update your bathroom for less than $300Add neutral accessories and mini bathroom makeover is complete!

bathroom makeover for less than $300This is how we spent our less-than-$300-

Vanity/dresser (Mile High Thrift)- $30

Vessel sinks (Amazon)- $90 for both

Faucets (Amazon)- $90 for both

New hardware (Home Depot)- $30

Paint (on hand)- free

Mirror (Home Depot)- $40

Total- $280

bathroom redo for less than $300Even though I am definitely partial to complete overhauls (especially in bathrooms!), I love the difference in this room after $280 and some paint!

the kids’ reading nook- a little tour

cozy kid's reading nook

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copper barn light ikea hack

copper barn light IKEA hack

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a project a week for 2013

a project a week for 2013

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goodbye final bagster, hello light at the end of the tunnel

cousins sitting in the new kitchen

Friends, it is a happy day at the Gentry casa. A really happy day because…. *drumroll please*… the new house is guest-ready. Well, ‘ready’ might be a bit strong- perhaps ‘guest-safe’ is more accurate? Regardless, the last few months of house projects (and the last week of frenzied project-finishing, trim-and-door-painting, working-our-tails-off and very-little-sleeping) have paid […]

the new house, stage 1 (and a $100 Amex card giveaway from Bagster!)

new house demolition

I think that remodeling is a little bit like childbirth- because you only see the beautiful result of your toils, you forget what it took to get there. From the middle of the mess, I am here with a reminder that remodeling is WORK. Lots of hours of work. Not that fun work. And TONS […]


house demo

That’s what my life feels like right now- c.r.a.z.y.t.o.w.n. Between one almost-packed house and one whirlwind-of-renovations house, working into the wee hours while the kids sleep, and enough carpet staple removal (and plaster chipping! and DUST!) to fill their lifetime quotas, things have been a little a lot nuts this month. Honestly, I am wishing […]

color palette keeper


So I am totally getting ahead of myself by choosing color palettes for rooms in the new house that are (ahem) not quite ready for decor. And by ‘not quite ready,’ I mean, most of them don’t have flooring. Some don’t even have drywall. None have a single item of decor (there is a Serena […]