summer’s best green juice recipe

summer's best green juice recipe

summer's best green juice recipe by kojodesigns

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of travel- first to Salt Lake City for SNAP, then to a romantic week at the beach with Adam, and then (after a few days at home to shower those Smooches with as many kisses as possible), we headed out to LA for a dental conference. Ok, mostly, I took advantage of the pool at the JW Marriott and bought out the fabric district, but Adam dental conferenced.

Anyhow, in LA I tried this most fabulous of all green juice recipes. And then I came home and bought all of the ingredients to try to recreate it myself. Y’all, I have made it every day since we got home!

amazing green juice recipe

To make this yummiest of green juices, combine-

1 handful of spinach (I did a couple handfuls, but Adam always tells me that I put too much spinach and kale in my juice)

1 handful kale (ditto)

1 cucumber

5 large celery stalks

1 apple (I used a Fuji apple)

Then, after all of that produce is juiced, use a handheld citrus squeezer to juice half of a lemon. Add the lemon juice to the green juice, stir and drink.

the best green juice recipeI think this might be the perfect juice for summer- refreshing, nutritious, and with a little jolt of lemon-y citrus. Yum!

*I tried this combination at Robek’s Juice. If you have one nearby, head on over and order an “Evergreen.”

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