girl’s bateaux neck dress

bateaux neck dress

I am (finally) finishing up my back-to-school sewing for Piper Jane (after this top, this dress, and this dress)… and, let me tell you friends, we are going out on a high note. Never mind that it’s almost October, right? This Back to School Bateaux A-Line Dress, sewn using this pattern by Anneliese of Aesthetic […]

heart of sequins shirt tutorial

sequin heart shirt

Our blog friends, Melissa and Stacey are currently doing a series called Sew In Tune. The idea is to sew something with a song as your inspiration. My Sew In Tune inspiration song was “My Funny Valentine” by Frank Sinatra. The line You make me smile with my heart is just perfect for my sparkle-loving, lovey […]

kojo tutorial- layers of lace dress

layers of lace dress tutorial

Piper Jane loves the book Kiki and Coco in Paris (ok, actually, she loves all things Paris- thankyouverymuch Madeline). Every time we read it (multiple times each day), Pi asks, “I can have a dress like Coco?” The dress Coco wears is layers of lace with a bow on one shoulder, pillowcase dress style. Even […]

how to make a fluffy, fabulous, no-sew tutu (aka ‘ocean costume’)

no sew tutu tutorial

Piper Jane’s “ocean” costume is one big fluffy, tutu-y mess of blue. She adores her blue tutu (YAY!) and can’t wait to be The Ocean alongside her Bubba’s Squid costume on Halloween. Best of all, her entire costume was completed in one naptime (with minutes to spare), involved no sewing (well, I sewed the waistband […]

kojo tutorial- the forty five minute dress

how to make a dress in forty five minutes

I hinted at this in The Happy Birthday Dress post- I have discovered the easiest dress-making method ever. I should time myself making one of these gems- it takes less than an hour for sure- maybe forty five minutes-ish? In fact, the pretty bow is the most labor intensive part, for sure. To make one […]

kojo tutorial- the happy birthday dress

tutorial to make a dress with a bow in the back

I love birthdays! I love having a whole day dedicated to celebrating the people I love (complete with all sorts of treats, favorite foods, and favorite pasttimes crunched into 24 hours), I love making cakes (or other birthday treats), I LOVE picking out presents… yep, I love birthdays. And I love this jersey dress that […]

piper jane’s mini apron

mini apron tutorial

As part of Piper Jane’s play kitchen extras, she needed an apron. Needed one. And this Flea Market Fancy fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabric (one of my amazing sponsors!) was perfect for this project. This apron was pretty much the easiest sew ever. Seriously, without the pocket, you could make this in 30 minutes. But […]