a long long trip (and a lego travel tote)

lego travel tote by kojodesigns (inspired by if only they would nap!)

Here’s the thing about your sister living a thirty hour plane ride away- going to visit her requires a thirty hour plane ride. When I didn’t have kids, well honestly, I still thought the trip was pretty brutal. But kids add their own special spin to long trips. And by spin, I mean they strike [...]

free printable valentines- “let’s build” lego bag labels

printable lego bag valentines

This is Burke’s number one hobby, translated into Valentine form. He was over the moon to gather little packets of Lego’s for all of his friends! If any of you have little Lego lovers, these printable valentines might just be the one for them as well. Just print the lego bag toppersĀ and tape/staple to the [...]

the ultimate lego table

lego table with magnetic side strips (how to)

Our lego fanatic (aka Burke) had a Lego Table on his Christmas wishlist. Of course, they are $150 (and totally DIYable), so we decided to make one ourselves instead. Making the Lego table itself is pretty self explanatory- assemble a small table (we got a white IKEA Lack table for $8), gorilla glue four Lego [...]