confetti filled surprise birthday party

confetti party

confetti themed surprise partyMy sweet niece Keadryn is an event planner in the making- I love hearing her creative, detailed, oh-so-elaborate party ideas. My kids and Jord’s kids all LOVE parties, but out of our combined broods, hands down, Keadryn loves them most.

confetti partyA couple months ago, Kead saw a show about a surprise party. Right afterwards (and several times since), she told Jord, “I hope sometime in my life everyone jumps out and yells, ‘SURPRISE,’ for me!”

confetti surprise partyThe cousins, poppers in hand, waiting to yell ‘Surprise!”

Since the Remkes trip home to the States was moved up by a couple weeks because of, ahem, other people’s move-to-Saipan schedules, Keadryn was slated to be in Denver the day after her seventh birthday. The timing, her lo-ove for parties, and her recent fascination with surprise parties were a match made in party planning heaven.

confetti partyInstead of choosing a ‘theme,’ we just decided to make everything colorful, bright, and covered in confetti. Because nothing says “SURPRISE” like piles of polka dots and teeny shreds of tissue paper.

confetti partyconfetti party donutsThe highlight of the brunch menu was pink boxes full of Voodoo Doughnuts- Burke and Piper love that place and kept telling the girls how much they needed to try it!

confetti party doughnutsAnd what better brunch menu could there be?

confetti partyAlong with the Voodoo Doughnuts, we piled up all sorts of polka dotted treats- gum balls, lollipops, round bon bons, and cotton candy puffs.

confetti party labels and signsThe happy signage matched the confetti-filled, surprise party vibe!

confetti party soda rainbowA lineup of vintage sodas added a pop of color (and the kids were enamored with more! sugar!).

confetti party citrus waterCitrus infused water with layers of sliced grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime provided a not-so-sugared (and less frequented) drink option.

confetti filled giant balloonsconfetti party decorGiant clear balloons filled with confetti hung with polka dot tails (the how-to for confetti-filled balloons is here)…

confetti party…polka dotted party hats and party horns (by Oh Joy! for Target, aren’t they great?) lined the mantel, along with a sprinkling of big confetti dots…

confetti party…more confetti dots speckled the window (cousins make the best party guests, don’t you think?)…

confetti party decor…and a fabulous rainbow of confetti cookies (chocolate covered Oreos courtesy of RedEnvelope) lined the middle of each table as centerpieces.

confetti party place settingThe place settings were pictures of happy- fabulously bright with a Voodoo Doughnut center, confetti poppers at the ready, pretty cups, polka dotted straws and round place card straw toppers with each guests’ (aka- cousin’s) name.
confetti party favorsThe “Confetti Shoppe” (aka wall of favors) was quite the hit as well- the girls loved their sequined, confetti-esque tutus and white tank tops and Burke really digs his polka dot pocket tee (he wears it a ton here in Saipan!).

hooray confetti favor boxThere were also confetti covered “Hooray” boxes, filled with bouncy balls (mostly because I was trying to think of other favors for Burke- haha).

confetti party favorsKeadryn put her confetti tutu on right away and the other girls followed suit, making the cutest lineup of party guests ever.

confetti fightLove this sweet SEVEN year old (how in the world did that happen?) and loved putting together this surprise party for her- there’s more confetti party goodness to come!


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