make a giant summer bucket list for $3

summer to do list poster

This week is Burke’s last week of school (can that be right?). And, since summer is my favorite of all seasons, I can’t wait to dive right into all that summer has to offer! I’m sure you’ve seen ‘summer bucket lists’ floating around- the idea is that your family makes a summer to do list […]

how to make felt flowers

how to make felt flowers by kojodesigns

As part of Evie’s Farmer’s Market birthday party, there was a little ‘flower stall.’ There were buckets of real flowers, paper flowers and felt flowers- the kids loved it! And I wish I would’ve taken pictures of some of the beau-ti-ful bouquets that they made us that morning- they were both adorable and hilarious at […]

how to make your own custom 2013 blog planner (part 1)

how to make your own custom blog planner by kojodesigns

I have a pretty specific list of dayplanner requirements- it has to be big enough for list making, have monthly overviews and daily space, and have room in the back for me to jot down my ideas. My dayplanner wishlist makes that list even longer- I would love to have a readymade chore list right […]

DIY hot cocoa bar (and shopping list)

hot cocoa bar

I think that every winter party might just need a hot cocoa bar. Warm, cozy and delicious- I can’t think of a time that a buffet of hot chocolate wouldn’t be a party favorite. The hot cocoa bar at the Chocolate Shower was definitely a highlight (and I will be adding this little feature to […]

how to make a distressed stenciled bike shirt

how to make a distressed stenciled shirt

I love the fabulous distressed t-shirts I see in kids boutiques (my favorites are by Axel and Hudson). Of course, Burke needs more of these in his wardrobe! Want to make one for the little guy in your life? You’ll need: -a t-shirt -fabric paint (I used martha stewart’s new paint line- you add “fabric […]