DIY polka dot magazine file boxes

DIY file folders- add gold foil stickers or polka dotted paint for an easy office project

DIY file folders- add gold foil stickers or polka dotted paint for an easy office projectThese polka dotted magazine file boxes were one of my favorite DIY projects that I made for my sewing room.

polka dotted magazine file foldersThey’re so easy to make, uber functional (the perfect spot for my pile of instruction manuals and other useful, but not pretty, items!), and the polka dots are perfection!

DIY polka dot magazine file boxesTo make the painted boxes, I marked out evenly spaced notches on wooden magazine file boxes (from Ikea) and just dotted a dab of paint onto the notches with a pencil eraser. For the metallic dots, I marked out the pattern and then covered my notches with gold foil stickers.

DIY polka dot magazine file foldersSimple! And fabulous!

how to build a fireplace mantel

building a DIY fireplace mantel

When I shared the thankful garland, I mentioned that after an extended hiatus from remodeling projects, we are back in the saddle. In fact, Adam is tiling the backsplash while we’re gone this month (lucky me!). And we just picked up tile for a black and white bathroom redo. But before I get ahead of […]

DIY polka dot cork letters

DIY polka dotted cork letters

Friends, things have been c-razy around here- a self induced chaos, entirely my own fault, but crazy just the same. Between launching Shiny Happy Sprinkles, getting ready for a couple of upcoming trips (including a little trip to Thanksgiving Point for SNAP– will I see any of you there?), and a full que of projects […]

DIY spring wreath in pink and gold

how to make a linen-y spring wreath

I mentioned that I have some big plans to spruce our front porch. Even though I haven’t done any of the actual painting, or changed out the hardware, I DID make a petal pink linen and gold spring wreath. And I love it- it makes the whole porch feel like Spring. Want to make a […]

DIY spring wreath ideas

DIY Spring Wreath Ideas

I have some plans for my new porch. They start with painting my front door… and adding new door hardware… and adding a fabulous door knocker. Of course, instead of starting on any of those things, all I can think about is making a spring wreath. Which means I’ve collected quite the little inspiration list […]

create a map covered monogram

create a map covered monogram

My kids have a love affair with European cities. Piper Jane is team Paris and Burke lo-oves London. So a map covered monogram with a twist- London Tube maps- is the perfect addition to the Smooches’ shared room (see my plans for that space here). A sweet friend who is living in London sent me […]

how to turn a reclaimed window into a metallic picture frame

Our friend, Kristen (from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke), is hosting a fabulous “Decorating with Pictures” series. If you need ideas for incorporating photos into your home decor, this is a great place to start. And our metallic “Picture Window” is even in the mix! I should probably ‘fess up- when Kristen emailed about Decorating […]

a plan for burke and piper’s shared room

It is the end of February and I am finally getting around to making an inspiration board for the Smooches’ Shared Room. Here’s the thing. Remember when I made a “project a week” plan for 2013? Well, I haven’t really made a dent in it- we had guests for all of January, and a new […]

make a metallic picture window

We finally hung something on the walls of the new house! And it includes metallic paint, pictures, and an old window (several things we love). Learn how to make your own at Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke today.