DIY bunny rabbit softies

DIY bunny softies

DIY bunny softiesOne of the highlights of my niece Josie’s ‘snow bunny’ party was the array of bunny rabbit softies that dotted the decor.

how to make bunny softiesThese bunnies would make great Easter basket treasures and were fairly simple to put together (the most labor intensive part was embroidering the faces), so I thought I’d share the DIY process.

how to make bunny softiesI used the freeĀ Black Apple Doll pattern and tutorial as my guide. I made a couple of Black Apple Dolls awhile back and just modified my head pattern to add ears. Then, after cutting out all of my pieces, I embroidered bunny eyes and bunny noses onto the faces and followed the same steps as the doll tutorial suggests.

bunny softiesSince these bunny softies double featured as party decor and as a gift for the birthday girl (well, one did), and since they are just so darn adorable, they were totally worth the effort!

DIY bunny softiesIf you’re looking for an extra special addition to an Easter basket (or anytime present), may I suggest whipping up one of these bunny softies? If your Smooches are like Josie and Piper (who was the recipient of the pink bunny), you’ll have one happy girl on Easter!

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