free striped halloween treat labels

free printable treat labels

free printable halloween treat labelsA fabulous folded favor box plus a stripe-y “No tricks, just treats” label equals a super simple (and equally fun) Halloween project!

free printable halloween labelsWe shared these semi-homemade (storebought with a handmade twist) treat bags at eighteen twenty five during their Spooktacular series and thought we’d share them here as well!

free printable treat labelsTo make them, fold parchment favor bags (I followed this tutorial- so cute, right?) and fill with Halloween treats. Print out a sheet of the free printable “No tricks, just treats” labels and stick them on the treat bags. Easy and fabulous- my favorite combo.

little bird halloween costumes- a peacock and an eagle

DIY peacock costume

After much hemming and hawing and wavering and flip flopping, the Smooches settled on a bird theme for this year’s Halloweens costumes. I think seeing the princess-y peacock costume at Pottery Barn Kids might’ve been the deciding factor for Piper. Throw in Burke’s passion for raptors (birds of prey for those of you who don’t […]

a leprechaun, a rainbow and a pot of gold.

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Just like Burke, Keadryn loves brainstorming and coming up with party ideas, craft projects and costumes. This year she is the genius behind the halloween costumes: rainbow, pot of gold, and the sassiest leprechaun you ever did see. We took a pretty simple no-sew route this year. Can I just tell you how much I […]

how to make a fluffy, fabulous, no-sew tutu (aka ‘ocean costume’)

no sew tutu tutorial

Piper Jane’s “ocean” costume is one big fluffy, tutu-y mess of blue. She adores her blue tutu (YAY!) and can’t wait to be The Ocean alongside her Bubba’s Squid costume on Halloween. Best of all, her entire costume was completed in one naptime (with minutes to spare), involved no sewing (well, I sewed the waistband […]

how to make a squid costume

how to make a squid costume

I love Burke’s imagination and ‘vision.’ That kid keeps me on my toes, and I absolutely love that about him. He also (usually) doesn’t ask for much and is so thankful for the things I make for him. Because of that appreciative-and-not-demanding combo, I really love trying to problem solve ways to make the things […]

halloween costumes 2012- the squid and the ocean

blue ocean tutu

Burke decided on this year’s Halloween costumes over a month ago and has been absolutely unwavering in his decision since then. He requested a Squid costume for himself and an accompanying Ocean costume for Piper Jane. We threw out several alternate “Squid pairings” (a fish, a shark, even Ink) to no avail. Luckily, my blue […]

metal studded pumpkin

metal tack studded pumpkin

Never heard of a rustic industrial pumpkin? Ok, well, us either. But with the pumpkin’s naturally rustic vibe and the metallic hardware-y look of the upholstery tacks, rustic industrial it is. See, a couple weeks ago, we packed pruning shears, lots of reusable grocery bags, a cooler full of snacks and Smooch #1 and Smooch […]

candy corn layered cupcakes

candy corn cupcakes

We’re bringing these candy corn cupcakes to a party tonight- they’re the perfect (last minute) fix if you’re needing Halloween goodies! To make them, whip up a batch of white cake batter (use the lightened recipe by dana at made to make them better for you!). Divide into three bowls and tint one bowl  of […]