fantastic (free!) outlined fonts

fabulous free outlined fonts

fabulous free outlined fontsI love bubble fonts. They make me feel a little bit like I am making giant signs for student council in junior high (side note- isn’t it funny that junior high isn’t a thing anymore?). And since my mind is on all things back to school right now, I figured I should probably share some of my favorite outlined fonts-

1- KG Shadow of the night, 2- Vintage One, 3- KG Next to me, 4- Fenwick, 5- Chalkline, 6- MTF Base Outline, 7- DK Nanuk, 8- Budmo, 9- Neo Retro Draw, 10- Return to Sender, 11- KG Second Chances, 12- Sullivan, 13- {skinny} jeans, 14- MTF epic, 15- DK Canned Whale


free, fabulous handwritten fonts

free, fabulous handwritten fonts!

My love affair with fonts, which cooled to a simmer during our mostly-outdoors summer was rekindled this weekend. Adam and I had a no-kids staycation, which brought Pinterest right back to the forefront of my computer, and also inspired a flurry of font downloads (including a couple of the gems below). All of this rekindled […]

the best (free) skinny fonts

the best free downloadable skinny fonts

After I shared my favorite scripty fonts, I started thinking about my other favorite non-scripty fonts (there are so many, y’all!). And then, over the last month, and after tons of font related emails, I thought I’d keep this favorite-font party going. Today I rounded up my favorite skinny fonts for you (well, the top […]

the best cursive fonts

I have a thing for calligraphy. I keep trying to convince myself that even pretty-handwriting-challenged girls, like myself, can learn (this e-course by calligraphy guru, Melissa Esplin, might help). In the meantime, I collect pretty script-y fonts. These are a few of my favorites (and where to get them). Lavanderia, Janda Stylish Script, Parisienne Freebooter […]

how to make party signage (part 1)

how to design your own party signage

One of the most frequently asked questions in our kojo inbox (besides Can I pay you to make me an Anthro-inspired quilt/Everything Bag?) is How do you make your party signage (or party printables, or party labels, or cupcake toppers, etc.)? The short answer is that, through a process of trial and error, we now […]