a leprechaun, a rainbow and a pot of gold.

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Just like Burke, Keadryn loves brainstorming and coming up with party ideas, craft projects and costumes. This year she is the genius behind the halloween costumes: rainbow, pot of gold, and the sassiest leprechaun you ever did see.

We took a pretty simple no-sew route this year. Can I just tell you how much I love felt? Seriously, best craft fabric ever. I was ecstatic to find a japanese dollar store in Dubai that sells all sorts of craft supplies including square meter pieces of felt! It is amazing what you can do with felt and safety pins.  I used kirst’s no sew tutu tutorial but used felt instead of tulle for Kead’s rainbow skirt. Sayla wore her black ballet outfit with some gold garland attached (with safety pins). For Evie’s leprechaun, I cut out vest, and pinned on a belt and some gold buckles. Super super simple.

Anyway- on to the cuteness:

Since Halloween/Fall aren’t really celebrated here, we put together a  little  “Fall Festival” with some other Americans and their kiddos. It was low key and the kids had a blast (and ate way too much candy!)

What did you do for Halloween? How did you celebrate? I love costumes and would love to see your pics so leave a link if you posted about it!

Now onto planning for Thanksgiving, my favorite meal of the year!