casual lady dress pattern

the casual lady dress pattern

the casual lady dress patternI am certain you have seen a plethora of Casual Lady goodness popping up on the blogs you love (here, here, here, here and here to start). Andrea from Go To Patterns created this pattern to raise money for She’s Worth It-

the casual lady dress and top patternThis pattern was designed especially to raise funds and awareness for global sex trafficking victims. Proceeds from this pattern will fund a Sewing Collective in India for single mothers escaping the sex trade industry as well as a safe house for children in Cambodia at risk of being trafficked. We hope you enjoy and share so we are able to fully fund our projects. We are hoping to raise $15000.

the casual lady dress pattern tourI love Andrea’s heart to help stop sex trafficking in Cambodia. And I love dresses. So this pattern is perfect for a girl like me (I should note that this pattern can be made into either a top or a dress- I just chose the dress version).

casual lady pattern tourFabulous cause aside, I can’t recommend this pattern highly enough. It’s an easy sew, would be great for a beginner, and the cut is super flattering (especially if you’ve, say, had a couple of babies and don’t need any extra ‘cling’).

the casual lady pattern tourI’ve said this before- I love patterns that make wardrobe staples- I feel like this is one of those patterns. In fact, the striped fabric to make another Casual Lady dress is sitting on my sewing table.

You can get your Casual Lady Top and Dress Pattern at Go To Patterns.

picture outtakesps- Want to see my awesome-est outtake- sunglasses on, hair everywhere, awkward pose… and Piper Jane, wearing her backpack, alongside. Oh boy!

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