a kid’s travel guide to denver

Heading to Denver? This list of Denver Must-See's is perfect for families!

In preparation for our travels later this month, I have been scouring the internet for Hong Kong and Singapore City Guides, especially kid-friendly ones (if you have suggestions for us, I’m all ears!). And our recent Must-See travel list making has (unintentionally) generated quite the “When we go to Denver next Spring” to do list […]

littlest denver-ite baby shower


¬†Our friends, Adam and Erin are Denver-ites through and through. They have a dozen favorite local brunch spots, can rattle off their favorite local bands (Adam was in one for awhile), are fabulous Denver restaurant recommend-ers, and just generally love our fair city. A”Littlest Denver-ite Baby Shower” was the perfect theme to celebrate their soon-to-be-addition, […]

camera strap cover giveaway (three chances to win!)

hemmed in

Happy weekend, friends! I hope you have wonderful fall-ish plans (Maybe apple picking? Or corn maze-ing?). I’m here to kick off this wonderfully fall-ish Saturday with a great Camera Strap Giveaway from Hemmed In (a fabulous online boutique where you can find great dresses, skirts and accessories). And three winners = great odds of winning! […]