how to make a glittery, sparkly monogram

how to make a sparkly monogram

how to make a sparkly, glitter-covered monogramOne of the trickiest parts of having a girl-boy shared bedroom was trying to keep it non-girly but also adding feminine touches for Piper Jane (since it was her room too, afterall). Mostly, those touches come in the form of sparkles. My personal favorite was the glittered P monogram hanging above her bed.

how to make a glitter covered, sparkly monogramI’m sure you’ve caught on to my glittering process by now, it’s pretty much always the same. I paint with metallic paint, add glitter while the paint is still wet, shake off the excess, and then, when dry cover the entire thing in clear glossy spray paint so the pieces of glitter don’t shake off.

how to make a glitter covered monogramSame process here to create the extra sparkly P- glitter, seal, done.

how to make a sparkly, glitter-covered monogramLooking at these pictures makes me wish I’d brought this little gem to Saipan- especially since one nearly-four-year-old has requested ‘sparkle’ as her birthday party theme. Maybe I can recreate something similar here?

DIY spring wreath ideas

DIY Spring Wreath Ideas

I have some plans for my new porch. They start with painting my front door… and adding new door hardware… and adding a fabulous door knocker. Of course, instead of starting on any of those things, all I can think about is making a spring wreath. Which means I’ve collected quite the little inspiration list […]

how to turn a reclaimed window into a metallic picture frame

Our friend, Kristen (from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke), is hosting a fabulous “Decorating with Pictures” series. If you need ideas for incorporating photos into your home decor, this is a great place to start. And our metallic “Picture Window” is even in the mix! I should probably ‘fess up- when Kristen emailed about Decorating […]

a plan for burke and piper’s shared room

It is the end of February and I am finally getting around to making an inspiration board for the Smooches’ Shared Room. Here’s the thing. Remember when I made a “project a week” plan for 2013? Well, I haven’t really made a dent in it- we had guests for all of January, and a new […]

how to make felt flowers

how to make felt flowers by kojodesigns

As part of Evie’s Farmer’s Market birthday party, there was a little ‘flower stall.’ There were buckets of real flowers, paper flowers and felt flowers- the kids loved it! And I wish I would’ve taken pictures of some of the beau-ti-ful bouquets that they made us that morning- they were both adorable and hilarious at […]

goodbye final bagster, hello light at the end of the tunnel

cousins sitting in the new kitchen

Friends, it is a happy day at the Gentry casa. A really happy day because…. *drumroll please*… the new house is guest-ready. Well, ‘ready’ might be a bit strong- perhaps ‘guest-safe’ is more accurate? Regardless, the last few months of house projects (and the last week of frenzied project-finishing, trim-and-door-painting, working-our-tails-off and very-little-sleeping) have paid […]

huggie pillow tutorial (land of nod knock off)

huggie throw pillow tutorial (land of nod knock off)

  Today’s project is an oldie but a goodie (oldie as in I-made-it-in-January-but-haven’t-shared-the-tutorial-yet). I shared the tutorial over at Family Ever After for Rach’s Sew-lebrity series (sidenote, real sew-lebrities don’t have to sew with the sewing machine manual in their lap and You Tube on their sewing table… but it was so fun to be […]

DIY doily pinwheels

DIY doily pinwheels

As I mentioned before, we are seriously lacking in craft supplies in my town. It can be frustrating, but one positive is that it forces me to get creative with my party decor and projects. Thankfully, I am finding that you truly can make something fantastic with a few basic supplies. Restaurants here use doilies as […]

how to make a driftwood mobile

how to make a driftwood mobile

After sharing the whale shower yesterday, it’s only fair that we do a quick followup and show you how to make the driftwood mobile. But first, you should know something. I love driftwood. It’s the perfect combo of natural, weathered, and beach (all looks I love). This summer I picked up a little collection of […]