home sewn- reversible geometric cloth napkins

DIY geometric reversible cloth napkins

reversible cloth napkin tutorial for HomeSewn (by kojodesigns)Have you all been following the Home Sewn series at Living with Punks? There are all sorts of great sewing projects for your home- and we’re so excited to be next up on the tour!
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The impetus of this little project is the same motivation of many of my projects- an unsuccessful search. I have been looking for fun mix and match cloth napkins to send to my sister (we have some friends heading to the middle east next week and they said they’d take a few things over for me). However, I keep finding things that are close-but-not-quite right.

how to sew reversible cloth napkinsSince I have some great geometric fabric in my stash, making the set of cloth napkins was the solution to my shopping woes. To make them-

how to make reversible cloth napkins1. Cut two 19″ squares of fabric.

2. Pin together, right sides facing in. Stitch around the perimeter, leaving a 4″ gap along one of the edges.

3. Turn right side in, pushing through the gap in stitching.

4. Press flat and top stitch around the entire perimeter.
reversible cloth napkin tutorialDone! Fabulous mix-and-match napkins ready for my sister (I followed these same steps for the aqua linen, but for the pink and tan linen napkins, I used this tutorial). Watch for them in her yummy forthcoming recipe posts!

And be sure to head over to Living with Punks for more Home Sewn goodness and a fabulous giveaway-

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