aqua and gold stenciled guest closet

stenciled guest closet

I have to admit- ever since I saw a wallpapered closet at Belle Maison, I’ve been pining away for a wallpapered closet or two of my own.

And then I remembered the fabulous wallpaper-esque stenciling I’ve seen floating around (1, 2, 3, 4 for example). Paint seems so much less of a commitment than wallpaper- and the stenciling I’ve seen looks fabulous and very wallpaper-y.

So when Cutting Edge Stencils offered the chance to try one of their allover stencils, I already had a project in mind.

I decided to start in the guest room closet for two reasons- one, we have a whole line up of guests coming to stay this winter, so the guest room is at the top of my list. And, two, the guest room closet just doesn’t have to hold that much stuff.

And look at how fabulously geometric and wallpaper-esque my guest bedroom closet looks. I love the aqua and gold. I love the rows of scallops. I love the organized piles of towels.

The jar of dental tools is my favorite- Adam came home from work one day with these great little zippered pouches filled with a toothbrush, mini toothpaste and floss. I promptly snagged them and put in a jar for our guests. Also, I borrowed that gold framed pink quote from my desk. Cute, right?

Not only do I love the finished product, I found the allover stencil from Cutting Edge really easy to use. It only took me one evening to stencil the entire closet- love that. They have a great how-to video that has some fabulously helpful tips.

It makes me want to stencil all of the closets. And all of the things. You too?