coconut chocolate mousse (quite possibly the world’s best dessert)

how to make coconut chocolate mousse

coconut chocolate mousse- the world's best dessertThere are chocolate people in the world (lots of them). And there are coconut people (a slightly smaller, but still passionate, contingent).

how to make coconut chocolate mousseBut then, there are coconut chocolate people. And, friends, if you are a Chocolate Coconut Lover (like me, and Jordan, and our sister-in-law Tricia, and our dad), prepare to be a.mazed by this coconut chocolate mousse.

coconut chocolate mousseOh. my. gracious.

coconut chocolate mousse recipeSeriously, y’all, I can’t believe how good this stuff is. Like I was licking the bowl… and I’d like to make more right now. And I think it might be on the menu at every single party I ever throw for the rest of time. And I’m going to make it for my Valentine.

cococnut chocolate mousse recipeI wish I were exaggerating, but nope.

We adapted this recipe for coconut chocolate mousse– I think it’s probably healthier without any sweetener, but was more dessert-ish when we added the powdered sugar.


1 can of coconut milk (not lite)*

5 tablespoons of cocoa powder

2 tablespoons of powdered sugar

*I’ve made this twice now, with two different kinds of coconut milk, and one did not turn out as well as the other. So if you make it and it seems like it could be better, perhaps try another brand of coconut milk.


how to make coconut chocolate mousseOpen the can of coconut milk, pour into a bowl and let sit out in the fridge overnight (it helps the coconut milk thicken up).

Add the cocoa and the powdered sugar to the coconut milk.

Pour the mixture into a metal bowl (note- I don’t know if the metal bowl made a difference, it just worked well for us, so I’m giving you all of the info I have to help you replicate this process). With a mixer, whip the mixture until fluffy. It takes a couple of minutes- maybe even longer- just keep whipping on the highest speed until it starts fluffing up.

Add the mousse to a frosting bag with a big tip.

Pipe into sprinkle rimmed shot glass.

how to make chocolate coconut mousseServe. Delight your guests (and yourself) with the creamy, coconut-y, cocoa-y goodness. I am not kidding when I say I have coconut milk in the fridge right now just waiting to be made into Valentines Day coconut chocolate mousse. So yummy, y’all.

ps- I didn’t know it until after we tried this, but I coconut chocolate mousse appears to be quite the pinterest sensation. Have any of you tried this?
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