the best brunch food station- a biscuit bar

the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'

the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'Burke, my bread guy, had a couple of requests for his birthday party brunch. Voodoo donuts (which were slightly out of reach- I shared our citrus glazed donut replacements) and biscuits. Lots of biscuits, with all of the fixins’. Thus, this brunch-y Biscuit Bar.

the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'It was such a hit that we’re considering making a Round 2 Biscuit Bar for Father’s Day next weekend (perhaps a less elaborate version? But still heavy on the sausage gravy- haha!).

the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'Besides baskets (and cake stands) piled with biscuits, we served eggs and bacon, sausage gravy, and an entire buffet of yummy spreads and sauces. Classics like honey, butter, jams, and peanut butter paired perfectly with Nutella, cookie butter (Burke’s favorite), and honey butter (a la Texas Roadhouse).

the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'The backdrop of white and striped fans was super easy to put together (just layer and tape in place).

the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'Of course, an engineer print poster completes the look (I haven’t used many engineer prints lately and I miss them!).

the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'As one of the biscuit toppers reads, “Um, yes.” To all of it. Again. Next weekend. Great idea, Burke!

the yummiest make ahead breakfast casserole

breakfast casserole

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creme brulee croissant french toast

creme brulee croissant french toast recipe, kojodesigns

Ummm, I sort of wish the lovely Ann had never introduced me to the gloriously delicious confection that is Creme Brulee Croissant French Toast. Sort of. But then, had she not, I would’ve missed out on what may be the world’s most delicious brunch dish (and about 1000 calories, but that’s besides the point). And, […]

an angry birds birthday party for burke

angry birds birthday party

You guys are probably better parents than we are- you probably don’t hand over your cell phone/iPod/iPad to bribe your Smooches with Angry Birds. But we do. And so Burke has deep love and great enthusiasm for Angry Birds Rio (and Letter School… and Cut the Rope… I could go on, but I won’t). Of […]

pajamas + pancakes: first birthday party

pancakes and pajamas party

About 4 months ago Keadryn and I started talking about Evie’s birthday party. She is going to be a party planner, I can feel it. She loves the brainstorming phase (which happens to be my favorite part as well, so we really bond over it). She had a lot of ideas for what our theme […]

vintage storybook sip ‘n see shower

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I love a good sip ‘n see. And it’s twice as nice when you get to meet TWO sweet babies in one Saturday morning! Two of the families from dental school had babies in the last couple weeks- so a double sip ‘n see was definitely an order. THEME If y’all have been around the […]

retro garden baby shower

vintage garden baby shower

Y’all saw little glimpses of this vintage-fabulous baby shower last week. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is one of my favorite baby showers I’ve helped put together. Liz, the Guest of Honor, is a girl after my own heart. She sews, decorates, and repurposes like a champ- the perfect person to […]