goodbye final bagster, hello light at the end of the tunnel

cousins sitting in the new kitchen

new house remodel updateFriends, it is a happy day at the Gentry casa.

house remodel updateA really happy day because…. *drumroll please*… the new house is guest-ready.

new house remodel, guest roomWell, ‘ready’ might be a bit strong- perhaps ‘guest-safe’ is more accurate?

house remodel updateRegardless, the last few months of house projects (and the last week of frenzied project-finishing, trim-and-door-painting, working-our-tails-off and very-little-sleeping) have paid off. We even bid a fond farewell to our sixth and final Bagster last week, signifying the end of demo (at least for now).

house remodel updateI think the last time I gave you a ‘new house update,’ we were tearing things apart (yep, just re-read the post). Well, then we moved into a rebuilding and installing phase (laying flooring, putting up new walls and ceilings, installing kitchen cabinets, priming-and-painting-and-painting-and-painting, putting in lighting, installing doors and hardware and appliances).

And even though the whole house is rather, ahem, undecorated and blank slate-ish (and upstairs is not even all the way unpacked), we do have…remodeled kitchen pictures…a functional kitchen…

guest room remodel…a space for guests…

sliding barn door…doors on the all of the rooms (including one very-special, custom-built sliding barn door that delights my heart) and enough furniture/seating for people to hang out.

cousins sitting in the new kitchenEven better, the guests that are trying out the new digs are my sisters and their families! This morning, there was a lineup of Smooches, nephew, and nieces trying out the new barstools at the peninsula, my sisters and mom were drinking Starbucks and chatting on the new leather chairs (which Jordan insists are not ‘too cowboy’ like I’d thought), and the boys (my dad, brother and brother-in-laws) were planning out their afternoon from the new couch. All of this within one short glance.

new house updateLike I said, it’s a happy, happy day around here.

ps- I am resisting the urge to detail everything that is still ‘in progress’ (almost everything fits in that category, actually)… We still have a few big projects (a mantel and gas fireplace will soon be in the living room, for example) and TONS of little stuff to finish up and switch around. Maybe by the end of 2013 things will be finished up?