a girly pink baby shower

pink, summery mojito bar

pink girly baby showerWhat happens when one of your very best friends, who is the mama of three boys, has a baby girl (after leaving the gender a surprise!)? An over-the-top PINK sip ‘n see (two days before you get on an airplane to Saipan), of course!

pink girly baby shower sip 'n seeThis girly baby shower (well, Sip ‘n See) was so much fun to put together for Katie!

girly pink baby shower sip 'n seeThere were pink flowers at every turn…

girly pink baby shower sweets…gorgeous pink sweets…

girly pink baby shower…and tons of chocolate in honor of Katie’s passion for dark chocolate.

girly baby shower headband stationgirly baby shower headband stationThe Headband Making Station was another perfectly girly touch (I love this idea! I want to add one to every baby girl shower I throw!) and oh-so-useful since Katie doesn’t have much by way of baby girl accessories.

girly pink baby shower mojito stationAnd, of course, the Mojito Station was a smashing success (more to come on that soon!).

girly baby shower sip 'n seeBest of all, everyone was just so very excited to celebrate the arrival of Baby Niah and the sweet addition that she’ll be to her already-fabulous family.

arrows and bows baby shower

arrows and bow baby shower

People often ask me the secret to making high maintenance showers less maintenance. I usually tell them, “Find great help.” And then they laugh. But I’m not kidding. Y’all, this arrows and bows shower for my sweet friend Katie and her Little Miss Mae was amazing. The food was, I’m not kidding, perhaps the best […]

how to put together a mimosa bar

mimosa bar drink station

I love trying new food and drink stations at parties and showers, so it is a rare occasion when one makes a reappearance. But a Mimosa Bar is just such a timeless, one-size-fits-all crowd pleaser. When we were putting together a Baby Sprinkle for a dear friend a couple of weekends ago, nothing else fit […]

littlest denver-ite baby shower


 Our friends, Adam and Erin are Denver-ites through and through. They have a dozen favorite local brunch spots, can rattle off their favorite local bands (Adam was in one for awhile), are fabulous Denver restaurant recommend-ers, and just generally love our fair city. A”Littlest Denver-ite Baby Shower” was the perfect theme to celebrate their soon-to-be-addition, […]

DIY hot cocoa bar (and shopping list)

hot cocoa bar

I think that every winter party might just need a hot cocoa bar. Warm, cozy and delicious- I can’t think of a time that a buffet of hot chocolate wouldn’t be a party favorite. The hot cocoa bar at the Chocolate Shower was definitely a highlight (and I will be adding this little feature to […]

the wonderful world of whoopie pies

cutie pie shower

When we were in the middleeast in June, Jordan and I discovered this fantastic whoopie pie recipe. The filling is magical, especially if you are a frosting loving gal like me. Fast forward a couple months to me planning a ‘Welcome Cutie Pie’ baby shower for some of our good friends (and by baby shower, […]

DIY doily pinwheels

DIY doily pinwheels

As I mentioned before, we are seriously lacking in craft supplies in my town. It can be frustrating, but one positive is that it forces me to get creative with my party decor and projects. Thankfully, I am finding that you truly can make something fantastic with a few basic supplies. Restaurants here use doilies as […]

mimosa bar how to (and shopping list)

mimosa bar

If you read about the vintage children’s book Sip ‘n See, you might’ve got the “I’m in love with Mimosa Bar” vibe. It’s true. I am. Among the many, many fabulous Mimosa Bar features, “SO EASY” tops the list! You could add this to any brunch you’re putting together- from a casual get together to […]

vintage storybook sip ‘n see shower

story book brunch shower

I love a good sip ‘n see. And it’s twice as nice when you get to meet TWO sweet babies in one Saturday morning! Two of the families from dental school had babies in the last couple weeks- so a double sip ‘n see was definitely an order. THEME If y’all have been around the […]