embroidery 101- how to hand embroider a onesie

embroidery 101- how to hand embroider a onesie

embroidery 101- how to hand embroider a onesieWhen I shared theĀ custom embroidered onesie that I made for my niece Josie, I promised an embroidery primer. Today is the day, friends.

This little primer truly is pretty basic- enough to help you embroider onesies and pillows and home decor projects.

how to embroiderBefore you get started, trace the name/design you’ll be embroidering onto your onesie (or other fabric) with a fabric pen. If your fabric is stretchy (like jersey t-shirt/onesie material), also pin interfacing onto the back side of where you’ll be stitching (it acts as a stabilizer).

hand embroidery tutorialThread your needle with embroidery thread. The kind I use is six strands thick (I think that’s pretty standard) and I leave all six strands intact (sometimes for embroidery, you pull apart the strands for precision, but not for this project). Pull you needle and thread through your fabric at your beginning mark (if you’re embroidering a name, it’s the place where you would start your pen).

how to hand embroiderFollow the line you’ve traced for your first stitch, pulling the thread back through the fabric. This will be your only ‘forward’ stitch.

basic embroidery tutorialFrom this point on, each stitch will be a ‘back stitch.’ You’ll choose a spot a little bit in front of your last stitch, pull your needle and thread through that spot, and then stitch backwards to meet up with your last stitch/hole.

how to hand embroider a onesieContinue back stitching along your traced patch, always bringing your needle just a little bit ahead on your tracing and then stitching back to your last stitch.

embroidery 101- how to hand embroider a onesieIn no time, your entire embroidered name or project will be finished and ready to gift (or hang, or wear!).

how to make a custom embroidered onesie

embroidery 101- how to hand embroider a onesie

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