lots of little leggies

little tiny legwarmers

little tiny legwarmersOnce upon a time, a couple years back, a couple weeks after we brought the teensiest tiniest little baby Piper Jane home from the hospital, I sat down and made a whole rainbow of little leg warmers (or ‘leggies’) for the Little Miss.

a pile of leggiesImagine how much fun it was to create another pile of teeny leggies for my newest niece, Josie Cope (who STILL hasn’t even broken the 6 lb. mark!). The Little Miss has hip dysplasia, so hopefully these will be extra harness-friendly as well.

leg warmers by kojodesignsI’m loving the addition of neon (and lots of neutral) to this pile.

The how-to for making these teeny leggies is on that original little legwarmer tutorial post, by the way.

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