a project a week for 2013

a project a week for 2013

a project a week for 2013

You might’ve noticed last post (or in some other gushing-about-my-love-for-making-list-post along the way) that I love making lists and getting organized. I also love New Year’s for the push to do just that.

I also have a really unfinished house.

I feel like we’ve spent the last four months making our new house into a blank slate (well, minus the untouched spaces that still require total overhauls [ahem, both bathrooms]). It’s actually turning out better than I’d anticipated, but there are unfinished projects, blank space, and bare walls everywhere.

2013 projectsSo what’s a list making, year planning, decor loving girl to do? Make a plan, of course, for how some of those bare walls and empty nooks and unfinished projects are going to get finished up this year.

a project a week for 2013My plan is to tackle one project a week.

IMG_4383-001I’ve been working on my list of fifty-two forty-five projects (so I can still add a few as I go- the unabridged version is below).

2013 project listI am trying to mix big projects (aka- ’tile the kitchen backsplash’) with small projects (aka- ‘art to hang above Piper’s bed’) so that they balance each other out. There are also classically busy months, like December, where my creative energy is usually focused on things like gingerbread houses and handmade gifts, so I’m trying to keep that in mind as well.

I’m also really excited to get started- I keep waffling on where to start because I’m so excited about all of the projects. I’ll definitely keep you posted on our progress!

fifty two projects for 2013

Are you a list maker? Do any of you want to join me in the list-making-and-project-planning?

ps- For those of you itching for the customized planner how-to, it’s coming! Maybe early next week-ish? I’m trying to retrace my steps and the printing/assembly was a little tricky. But, like I said, it’s coming. :)