super salads: peach pecan & goat cheese salad

peach, pecan and goat cheese salad

One thing I have been loving this summer as we make our rounds in the USA is all the simple al fresco meals we have been able to share with friends. Grill some chicken and veggies, make a salad, pour some ice tea and enjoy time with friends chatting and laughing and just enjoying summer. [...]

3 ingredient mango ice cream

homemade three ingredient gluten free ice cream

Ok, so I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t have made this three-ingredient mango ice cream minus the glaring lack of affordable ice cream options on the island of Saipan. Well, and also the fact that Adam’s sweet assistants keep bringing us bags (and bags!) of mangoes. But now that we’ve tried it (it’s [...]

falling glitter dress tutorial- 30 days of sundresses

falling glitter little girl's dress tutorial

My love for dresses extends well beyond June, July and August (and did even when I didn’t live on a tropical island that basically calls for year-round dress wear). In fact, I haven’t worn shorts or pants since I arrived in Saipan. This great Dress Love makes Melissa’s Sundress Series one of my favorites every year! [...]

a confetti fight (aka the most fun a kid can have)

confetti boxes confetti fight

The highlight of the confetti party was, for sure, the confetti fight at the end! Before everyone arrived, we filled boba straws and push pop containers with confetti. After filling little gable boxes with confetti shooters for each cousin (and a little confetti shooting practice), we gave each one their box and let the kids have [...]

confetti filled surprise birthday party

confetti party

My sweet niece Keadryn is an event planner in the making- I love hearing her creative, detailed, oh-so-elaborate party ideas. My kids and Jord’s kids all LOVE parties, but out of our combined broods, hands down, Keadryn loves them most. A couple months ago, Kead saw a show about a surprise party. Right afterwards (and several [...]

bathroom makeover for less than $300

bathroom makeover for less than $300

We didn’t quite have the time to do a total overhaul on the upstairs bathroom like we did downstairs. However, with only a couple hundred dollars and some paint, we did have the chance to give this bathroom a mini renovation. The main must-go-now component was, strangely enough, the white vanity. As far as ugly [...]

super salads- southwestern black bean salad

southwestern salad with black beans and avocado

Since June is the perfect month for al fresco dining, we thought we’d round up our favorite salad recipes and share them this month! And this Southwestern Blackbean Salad (some people call it ‘cowboy caviar’) is summer perfection. In fact,  this salad wasn’t even on my original Super Salad lineup, but we have been hanging [...]

mojito bar- drink station perfection

pink, summery mojito bar

The best part of Katie’s girly, pink baby shower (well, Sip ‘n See) was gushing over Baby Niah and her new wardrobe (baby girl clothes are just so darn cute!). But a close runner up was the Mojito Bar! In fact, Mojitos might rival Mimosas and Sangria in the perfect-shower-drink (or even just perfect-party-drink) categories. [...]

a girly pink baby shower

pink girly baby shower

What happens when one of your very best friends, who is the mama of three boys, has a baby girl (after leaving the gender a surprise!)? An over-the-top PINK sip ‘n see (two days before you get on an airplane to Saipan), of course! This girly baby shower (well, Sip ‘n See) was so much [...]

bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel reveal

Writing these house tour posts is a little cathartic for me- even though the house is closed on and not even ours any more, there were just so many hours poured into making that house our home. It is so fun to look through the pictures and to share them with y’all! Y’all, I LOVE [...]