brunch idea: yogurt parfait bar

yogurt parfait bar: super simple brunch idea

A couple weeks ago I threw a brunch baby shower for a dear friend and we made a yogurt parfait bar. It was SO simple to put together and all the guests loved it. We pre-filled mini mason jars with the yogurt custard (recipe below) the night before which made it super easy to assemble […]

free printable mother’s day cards

free printable mother's day cards

Either one of us could easily write a whole year of posts in honor of our mama (maybe we’ll put together a tribute post before Mother’s Day- she really is absolutely the best). Until then, we’re focusing the next couple of weeks on fabulous DIY gift ideas that would work well as Mother’s Day gifts. […]

easiest ever maxi dress

This maxi dress is the easiest sewing project ever- just four rectangles and a few lines of stitching!

I live in maxi dresses. I mean, I wore lots of dresses in my pre-Saipan life, but now I only have shorts (and one lone pair of jeans) as a formality. Like someday maybe I’ll look in my closet and think, “Yep, today’s the day- I’m not going to wear a dress.” I’ve seen several […]

peach bellinis

peach bellinis

Hi friends! I’m so excited to be sharing this recipe with you today for two reasons. First, it’s a dang delicious recipe. Second, it means I’m at my best friend’s house! She knows I love these and so she makes them when I come to town. I look forward to sipping on them while we […]

teacher appreciation gift idea- mochi ‘apples’

teacher appreciation gift idea- mochi 'apples'

Since Saipan is such a mix of Asian cultures, many of our favorite treats here aren’t ‘local’ per se, just things we’ve discovered we love while living here. Topping that list for the kids are mochi (Japanese rice cakes). And who wouldn’t love a treat that can so easily morph into so many different things? We […]

lemonade bar (a perfectly beach-y drink station)

Looking for a refreshing drink station for a beach-y party (or wedding)? This lemonade bar is perfection!

I know, I know- this is our second or third Lemonade Bar. But Adam built this super fun tiki hut/drink stand for me. And I was throwing a baby shower on the beach. And (yet another) Lemonade Bar was just calling my name! The formula for this perfectly beach-y drink station is extra simple- tiki […]

teacher appreciation giveaway

teacher appreciation giveaway

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May. I am work with some of the most talented bloggers to bring an entire month of amazing teacher appreciation gift ideas your teacher will love. Please skip on over to Skip to my Lou to see our teacher appreciation gift idea (and download the free printable […]

gluten free herbed pizza crust

glutten free pizza crust made with cauliflower

For about 6 months, I have been on a hunt for a good gluten free pizza crust recipe. We tried several different recipes and didn’t ever find one that didn’t crumble apart when I tried to pick it up. But, friends, I’ve found it. THE crust recipe. There has been much rejoicing in our kitchen over […]

DIY gift idea- homemade grapefruit sugar scrub

DIY gift idea- homemade grapefruit rosemary sugar scrub

Did you know that during college, I worked as a shampoo girl at a salon on main street in Grove City (the little college town where I went to school)? Not only did that little stint introduce me to all sorts of expensive hair products that I am still trying to quit (I hate when […]

smores bar (summer’s most fun dessert table)

This S'mores Bar is the perfect dessert table- it'd word as a treat table at a party, a wedding dessert table, even a food station at a baby shower!

One of my greatest wedding regrets is that we didn’t get married on the beach. Y’all, we love (LOVE!) the beach. In fact, before we lived on a beachy tropical paradise, most of our travel planning revolved around the familiar battle of Beach vs. Somewhere New and Awesome. We are seriously the perfect candidates for […]