cookie butter ice cream (aka the best thing I’ve ever tasted)

homemade cookie butter ice cream recipe (aka- the best thing I've ever tasted)

I am prone to exaggeration. But there is not an ounce of embellishment when I say that I think this homemade cookie butter ice cream with chunks of Biscoff cookies speckled throughout is the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Friends, it is seriously cuckoo-for-cocoa-pops amazing. And it’s the perfect addition to the Summer Fun Series […]

why I hate birthdays (and why I love them)

why I hate birthdays (and why I love them)

With as much as I love birthday parties and the chance to celebrate the year that’s past and the one to come, my kids’ birthdays are pretty hard on this mama’s heart. I am both absolutely smitten with the stage that Burke is in right now- all personality and curiousity and keen observations and hilarity, and also […]

how to put together a baby shower in two hours

how to put together the easiest ever baby shower (aka the "2 hour shower")

I mentioned that our trip to Denver was an absolute whirlwind; our schedule was pretty jam packed. In fact, when we first chatted with my sister-in-law about adding a baby shower to the calendar of events, she mentioned that maybe we should just let this one go. But every baby deserves a celebration, and so […]

one year in saipan

one year in saipan

I looked at the calendar today and realized that exactly one year ago was our first day in Saipan. Honestly, I can’t believe we’ve been here for a year already! In tribute, we made a List of Saipan tonight. It chronicles the bad, the good, and the quirky of our little island home and is a […]

how to make a summer-y girl’s maxi dress

This sweet girls' maxi dress is not only absolutely darling, it is such an easy sew! In fact, if you have jersey on hand, you could whip one up during nap time today!

You knew it was just a matter of time until the little girl’s version of the easiest maxi dress ever was born right? And today’s the day friends. And it’s the perfect post for the 30 Days of Sundresses series that Melly Sews hosts each year (see last year’s contribution here and the one before that […]

citrus glazed donuts

Semi homemade citrus glazed donuts. These look so delicious! And so easy!

Burke’s Pirate Birthday Brunch was this weekend (we are still recovering- whew!). While I am editing five hundred pictures, I thought I’d share these semi homemade citrus glazed donuts with y’all. You need them- probably tomorrow, actually. Burke had two requests for the brunch menu- homemade biscuits with tons of toppings and Voodoo doughnuts (can […]

ohmygoodness chocolate coconut cupcakes

WOW- these chocolate-y, coconutty, almond-y cupcakes are over the top delicious!

I have never (ever) been so happy that I didn’t have all of the required ingredients for a recipe as I am right now. Because my pantry’s lack of a box of chocolate pudding turned into these coconut chocolate cupcakes that are pretty much our family’s favorite dessert ever. I mean- almond joy cupcakes. Chocolate […]

paris city guide- a travel guide for families

Paris city guide- a travel guide for families

As you know, Jordan and I both love (love love) to travel! And as we try to pass this love of travel and cultures and the world to our kiddos, we are always in the middle of planning a trip. Whenever I find a city travel guide written by a family that lives in that […]

home, and home again

home again

I don’t know what to call this place. When we’re in Saipan, we call Denver “home.” But when we’re in Denver, we flip flop and call Saipan, “home.” It’s confusing. photo credit The dust in finally starting to settle here after our annual home leave trek (to coincide with a dental conference Adam has to attend). In […]

no-sew leather passport cover

These leather passport covers are the perfect gift for a dad who loves to travel! Plus, it's the easiest project ever!

It is a bit of a circus to travel internationally with young kids. Since 24+ hours of travel time feels long to adults, it feels like forever to little kids. There are extra carryons everywhere and none of the devices seem to keep their charge and every meal is far longer and more complicated than […]