flowy tunic with french seams (a tutorial)

tunic tutorial

We’ve mentioned that Jord’s wardrobe requirements in the Middleeast are, well, different from what she wears in the States. So while Jord was Stateside last month, we did a little tunic sewing- tunics that are long, flowy and best of all, super simple to put together. Want to make one too?

a sewing realization (and a darling dress)

vintage buttons, muted dress

I don’t consider myself a hoarder- not even really a pack rat. I have no problem hauling loads of crap stuff to donate to Goodwill each month, find a kind of weird satisfaction in clearing out and giving away, and would much rather have less stuff that we actually use than stockpiles for ‘someday.’ Except […]

some good news and some bad news

kirstin and jordan

So, having Jord stateside for the last couple weeks was so. much. fun. Seriously, a few (unwise) people may fight me on this, but I have the best siblings in the whole world. The very best. Which brings us to the good news- even though the blog has been a little quiet, Jord and I […]

how to make (really delicious!) ice cream cupcakes

absolutely delicious ice cream cupcake recipe

If you follow us on instagram, you’ve probably noticed that Jord is currently stateside (YAY!). We are living it up, trying to do every fall-ish thing you can imagine (turns out, there isn’t so much ‘fall’ in the middleeast), staying up wa-ay to late laughing, and just generally loving the chance to hang out. Since […]

grilled corn chowder recipe

grilled corn & chicken chowder recipe

After an extra long summer (which I love and Jord would hate), I think fall has officially come to Denver. Case in point- I wore leggings and boots yesterday. And my nails are painted ‘berry’ (ok, I looked and it’s called Suzy Loves Sydney, but that doesn’t give you much of a visual now does […]

make your own gilded business cards

how to gild your own business cards

Awhile back, I shared these gilded business cards at Eat.Sleep.Make. I love this project and thought I’d share the how to here on kojo as well. This project started with some basic striped business cards. Since we all know that I have a hard time leaving good enough alone, I decided to gild the edges. […]

free, fabulous handwritten fonts

free, fabulous handwritten fonts!

My love affair with fonts, which cooled to a simmer during our mostly-outdoors summer was rekindled this weekend. Adam and I had a no-kids staycation, which brought Pinterest right back to the forefront of my computer, and also inspired a flurry of font downloads (including a couple of the gems below). All of this rekindled […]

how to spice up your kitchen- word art decor tutorial

our family four

One of our best-girls-in-the-world, Erin from Our Family Four, is back today (check out her past projects here, here, here and here) with a fantastic word art decor tutorial. Take it away Erin- Hello kojo readers!!  It’s Erin from Our Family Four and I just wanted to share a quick little project with you. Kirstin and […]

kiwi crates

kiwi crate kid's nature kits

Have you guys heard of Kiwi Crate? They’re like a pre-planned craft day (or science day in the case of the set we received) in a box. Every single thing you might need is provided for some quality, educational, fun time together.

a coach inspired baby bag

coach inspired baby bag by kojodesigns

Remember the gender reveal party we helped put together for our youngest sister, Kedron? Well, that was about twenty-two weeks ago, which means our Little Miss Adilynn Jean has arrived! And you know what that means in our family, right? Well besides that we’re over the moon excited for the newest addition to the family… […]