denver themed baby shower

denver themed baby shower

The Denver themed baby shower that we threw last weekend is up at Shiny Happy Sprinkles today. It is one of my favorite showers, ever (and perhaps with the best baby shower menu in the history of baby shower menus). Oooh, and there was even a Sangria Bar (the Blueberry Rosemary Sangria was accompanied by [...]

practically perfect puppy chow for winter whites

winter whites guest

I am pretty sure that Erin and I were meant to be BFFs. There’s this little thing called an ocean separating us currently (oh wait, I have that with my other BFF as well), but I still think it’s meant to be. We share a love for party planning (and hot air balloons), making stuff [...]

my 2013 word of the year

2013 word of the year

I love the idea of having a one word goal for the year- a sort of goal and priority labeling for 2013. My word of the year last year was ‘balance.’ My main goal was to give up some of the items on the never-ending list of ‘good things’ in order to pursue the things [...]

a leprechaun, a rainbow and a pot of gold.

blog 201253

Just like Burke, Keadryn loves brainstorming and coming up with party ideas, craft projects and costumes. This year she is the genius behind the halloween costumes: rainbow, pot of gold, and the sassiest leprechaun you ever did see. We took a pretty simple no-sew route this year. Can I just tell you how much I [...]


house demo

That’s what my life feels like right now- c.r.a.z.y.t.o.w.n. Between one almost-packed house and one whirlwind-of-renovations house, working into the wee hours while the kids sleep, and enough carpet staple removal (and plaster chipping! and DUST!) to fill their lifetime quotas, things have been a little a lot nuts this month. Honestly, I am wishing [...]

tea-free “chai”


Happy October friends! Even though it’s still 100-plus degrees here most days, we are still doing everything we can to bring a little ‘fall’ to the Middleeast. I have my fall decor up, there is a pumpkin candle burning most days, and we are even having a chili cook off in a couple of weeks [...]

hyatti: good for the heart.


  This trip home has been so good and so hard. Kirst explained it perfectly. It has been SO good to spend time with family: Hearing Evie say”papa!”, feeling my sister-in-law’s baby move for the first time, chatting (and chatting and chatting) with my mama and sister, laughing with my brother, cooking with my dad. [...]

piper jane’s mod tutu

homemade mod tutu

My little miss priss is a girly girl through and through. I have to admit- I kind of love that about her. Her affection for pink and dresses and sparkles and purses and shoes makes me dream of future girl days and sewing dates (though, the girl can play legos and cars with her brother [...]

hyatti: turning 30


Hi friends! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we have been out of town.  Did I mention that my 30th birthday was at the end of July? It was. And it was awesome. First- Kirst, my bestie, and my husband collaborated together to do a 30 Days of Love for me (30 presents from [...]