toddler top knot hair how-to

toddler top knot (aka ballerina bun) tutorial

One funny sidenote to my post about Anneliese’s fabulous Bateaux dress pattern was a whole slew of emails about Piper’s top knot. Specifically, requesting more information about and directions for how to do toddler top knots (aka- ballerina buns). And, really, with knowledge that leads to something this cute, how could I keep these instructions [...]

make your own gilded business cards

how to gild your own business cards

Awhile back, I shared these gilded business cards at Eat.Sleep.Make. I love this project and thought I’d share the how to here on kojo as well. This project started with some basic striped business cards. Since we all know that I have a hard time leaving good enough alone, I decided to gild the edges. [...]

DIY perfect chalkboard lettering

DIY chalkboard lettering

I wish I had beautiful handwriting, but I don’t. In fact, someday my terrible handwriting is going to warrant a calligraphy class! In the meantime, though, I found this amazing DIY chalkboard lettering tutorial and, I have to tell you guys, I feel like I discovered some secret stash of gems or something.

make a giant summer bucket list for $3

summer to do list poster

This week is Burke’s last week of school (can that be right?). And, since summer is my favorite of all seasons, I can’t wait to dive right into all that summer has to offer! I’m sure you’ve seen ‘summer bucket lists’ floating around- the idea is that your family makes a summer to do list [...]

homemade bath paint recipe

make your own bath paint by kojodesigns

As school comes to a close and summer begins this mama is looking forward to a summer of saying yes to all sorts of things that are usually too much to handle on a school night: sleeping in forts, staying up late, evenings of  total house destruction  crafting, eating watermelon shirtless in the yard…and loooong [...]

how to make a chalkboard covered journal- DIY teacher gift

As the end of the school year approaches (here in Denver, at least), I thought I’d share the chalkboard covered journals that Burke and I made as a gift for his teachers. They are easy to put together, inexpensive to make (I think I spent $2 on each one) and such a hit! I blame [...]

spring-y plaid tote tutorial

how to make a plaid tote

When I saw this fabric, I immediately thought of my mother-in-law. I’ve been hoping to make her a tote for Mother’s Day and thought the punchy mix of plaid and flowers would be the perfect mix. It’s outdoor fabric- sturdy and perfect for a tote. Plus, I added several nice deep pockets for storing small [...]

embroidery 101- how to hand embroider a onesie

When I shared the custom embroidered onesie that I made for my niece Josie, I promised an embroidery primer. Today is the day, friends. This little primer truly is pretty basic- enough to help you embroider onesies and pillows and home decor projects. Before you get started, trace the name/design you’ll be embroidering onto your [...]

wooly sheep nursery mobile

winter whites guest, alicia

Oh how we love today’s guest, Alicia from La Famille. Not only is she a master decorator, organizer, repurposer, party planner and family tradition maker, she is one of those rare blog friends that has transitioned into a real life friend (yep, we text her pictures when we’re party prepping- ha!). She is genuine and [...]

faux fur slip through scarves

neutral valentines

I have adored Anneliese and her lovely blog, Aesthetic Nest, for as long as I can remember. Her meticulous detail (isn’t that piped pocket below lovely?) , mastery of making everyday things pretty (we need some of those pretty paper covered comp books around here!), and party planning talent (where to start? This chevron-and-dot party [...]