ballerina girl- a dress for me


The Little Miss Priss has a dance in heart. Every time she hears music (or even any kind of beat), the girl starts groovin’. She takes after her mama- I love to dance. And I like to think that what I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm. Perhaps that’s why this ballerina-esque [...]

kojotutorial- anthropologie knock off flutter curtains


This isn’t a surprise to you, but my “Repurposed” entry for So You Think You Can Sew Week 2 is the flutter curtains (they’re a knock off of Anthropologie’s Tender Falls Shower Curtain). I’ll be honest, every time I do an Anthropologie knock off, I feel like I should start my tutorial with a Big [...]

anthropologie knock-off flutter curtains (SYTYCS week 2)


“Make new curtains for the living room,” has been on my to do list for months. Anthropologie’s Tender Falls Shower Curtain has been on my pinterest for about that long. Plus, I compulsively buy white sheets at Ikea. And this week’s theme for SYTYCS is “Repurposed.” Match made in heaven? I think yes. But back [...]

aqua chair redo tutorial (how to reupholster a tufted chair)

My search for a perfectly girly chair for Piper Jane’s nursery was long and tenuous. In fact, while I patiently waited for the right chair, I temporarily repurposed one of our living room chairs to Piper Jane’s room. However, when I laid eyed on this gem at Mile High Thrift (my favorite thrift store in [...]

so you think you can sew?

I’ve hinted that we have a few fun announcements coming for y’all, and this is one of them- we are one of twelve teams getting ready to participate in the So You Think You Can Sew Competition at Mommy by day… Crafter by night (Week 1 launches January 4th). We are super excited, though ohmynervous. [...]