kojotutorial: reading chair made from two wooden palettes (part 2)

Allright, friends! It’s time for the second installment of Build A Chair Using Palettes. In part 1, we built the platform of the chair/reading nook. Today, we’ll be attaching the sides of the chair and painting it! For this second part of the chair building, you’ll need: -a wooden palette (if you already collected two [...]

kojotutorial: reading chair made from two wooden palettes (part 1)

I love palette furniture. Actually, I think that I love it for the same reason that I am so intrigued by Anthropologie’s window displays- the idea of taking something that no one wants and turning it into something useful and/or beautiful resonates with me. An ostrich made out of book pages? Lovely! A giant wreath [...]

gifts for (little) guys tutorial: hanging tent part 1

Allow me to introduce you to the latest and greatest addition to Burke’s playroom- the hanging play tent! I’ve been wanting to make him a tent for awhile now and had a hunch he’d like it… but I had no idea the hours of entertainment this tent would provide, nor the giddiness that would accompany [...]

kojotutorial: linen, cashmere, wool frame

I feel like I start our post every Monday morning with the same question- did you guess our craft last week at sytyc?  So, did you? Yep, we were the linen, cashmere, wool frame… With the embroidered message, wouldn’t this be a terrific Christmas gift (especially when you add a row of framed silhouettes as [...]

kojotutorial- upcycled "vintage" baby buggy

Did y’all guess that the baby pram was our recycled project for sytyc? Yep, that was us. Apparently everyone shares my conundrum of having a broken (or just ugly) plastic stroller… Here are the details for upcycling yours into a vintage-y pram. Before we had kids, my husband and I would wander through boutiques and [...]

mod bo peep, and a tutorial for ruffled sleeves

  Did y’all guess that our costume entry for sytyc was Mod Bo Peep? Yep, that was us… As a sidenote, isn’t our little model Ella stinkin’ cute? Anyhow, we were thrilled to make it through to week 3 (which starts today, incidentally- head on over and vote!). Did you see the costume goodness from [...]

kojotutorial: pumpkin patch weekender

Our Week 1 entry for SYTYC was the Pumpkin Patch Weekender- did y’all guess? We were so excited to win week 1! Hats off to Nikki and her Candy Dispenser… the voting was back and forth all week and we only won by one vote. A few fun facts about our first SYTYC entry-  our [...]

kojotutorial: double your fun reversible pillow cover

Three things before we get started: 1- We’re guesting over at The Country Chic Cottage with a fun, pom-pom-y tutorial… go check it out!  2- The Celebrate 1000 Giveaway ends tomorrow… be sure to enter before then! 2- So You Think You’re Crafty Season 5 starts today. Since I didn’t explain this before, SYTYC is [...]