two of my favorite things- joel dewberry and pleats!


I made a sewing discovery this week that is a double edged sword. I figured out how to turn two half-yard cuts of fabric into a reversible dress for Piper Jane. One one hand, it is a glorious discovery because- A- As part of my prize for So You Think You Can Sew, I got [...]

easy valentine date art


I love pinterest. Really, isn’t it just brilliant? I am sure you have seen the fabulous date-art floating around (see some of our ‘pin-spirations’ above… some are people’s DIY projects and some are from fabulous etsy shops). I love the idea and now is the perfect time to make one for someone special. To make [...]

party planning central

With Cocktails and Mocktails III, a couple of baby showers, and a birthday party or two all on the docket, our house has been turned into Party Planning Central. There are half-finished projects and to do lists everywhere! Oooh, and this time of year always includes a flurry of invite, menu, place card, label, and [...]

the dress

Y’all already know this, but I don’t really sew for myself (just for the littles). Or at least, hadn’t really delved into that realm until two weeks ago. My change of heart was a result of a trip to the Cherry Creek Mall. We’d wandered through my favorite stores- Anthro, J Crew, and were making [...]

handmade birthdays

Once upon a time, I set the unattainable lofty goal of always giving my kids, nieces and nephews handmade birthday gifts. Sometimes it works out for me, often it doesn’t. This May, though, the stars aligned (or something) and I had handmade gifts for both Keadryn’s and Burke’s birthdays. Even better, since Burke is super [...]