happy 2015!

2015 word of the year- connect

2015 word of the year- connectIf you’ve been around here for very long, you know that I lo-ove New Years. List making, organizing, reflecting, goal making, fresh start-ing, glitter- all of these are right up my alley.

And this year is no exception. So far I’ve organized and deep cleaned my studio (which is also the playroom), made five lists (if I get to a quarter of the items on “2015 ideas” list, this year is going to be epic), chatted with Jord about kojo and what we want 2015 to look like around here. Also, I went swimming with the kids. Since the year is only 20 hours new, I’d say it’s off to a pretty great start.

The thing that I’m the most excited about is using 2015 to CONNECT- which, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, is also my word of the year. Now, I am the first to admit that sometimes my “Word of the Year” choices are giant flops (I’m looking at you “balance”). However, I really do love the process of reflecting on the previous year, finding gaps and brainstorming how to fill those, reading (guys my Christmas break reading has been amazing. And punch-in-the-gut convicting. And perfectly timed, thankyouverymuch Jen Hatmaker), and goal making for the 365 days spread out before me.

word of the year- connectWhich brings me to to Connect-ing.

For this year, I was searching for a word that would serve as a reminder to really make the most of my minutes. Y’all, I am such a better everything- wife, mama, friend, all-other-roles-I-play- when I am connected to Jesus. This, of course, is the most no-brainer of statements, but knowing this about myself does not seem to translate into tangible prayer-and-the-Word prioritizing. My greatest prayer for 2015 is that I would spend my days continually connecting and reconnecting with the Lord. Nothing else will have a greater impact on the year, to be sure.

Also, I don’t know why, but these last few months, the ever-quickening passage of time has been at the forefront of my mind. How did Burke become a first grader? Wasn’t I just buying 12M clothes for him last week? Also, Piper thanked God for all of my makeup and nail polish during bedtime prayers last night. Where did this girl (not this baby, this girl) come from?

Since my natural tendencies are towards efficiency and multi-tasking and productivity, I could quite easily spend entire days (ok, weeks) just getting stuff done. I don’t know if you’ve played many board games lately, or built any Lego towns, or painted with water colors, or played Sharks and Minnows, but these things are pretty much the opposite of productive. They are messy and inefficient and time consuming and extra.

Of course, they also provide chances to chat about menial things (and occasionally even not-so-menial things) and to laugh and to just be together. Turns out, I require constant reminding to stop buzzing around, to choose the messy and inefficient path, to CONNECT with these not-going-to-be-little-for-much-longer kiddos (and with Adam… gosh I hit the husband jackpot- why, oh why, do I choose task completion over connecting with that guy?).

Even better, I feel like “Connect” is a word that applies to a couple of other areas that I am hoping to really be intentional about this year. Honestly, I haven’t done a great job of pursuing friendships here in Saipan (the wide open schedule is such a stark change for us that I’ve been guarding it like a crazy woman). There are great people here, I just haven’t been diligent in getting to know them very well. I’m looking forward to loosening the schedule lock down (a little, a very little) and trying to connect with some people here.

word of year connectLast, but definitely not least, I am excited to use this year to connect with YOU more. Jordan and I want kojo to be a blog that we’d want to read ourselves. Do you know which kind of blogs I’m most drawn to? The ones where I feel like I really know the author(s). I don’t know when the ‘normal life’ posts started falling off around here (some of you probably know better than I do- haha!), but I’d love to get back to sharing real life more often. I’ve missed having the chance to check in about non-party, non-home, non-sewing, non-food related stuff and can’t wait for the chance to connect with you more often.

There is more rattling around my brain right now, but I think I’ll save it for another post- a not-so-crafty, chance-to-catch-up kind of of post. Happy 2015, friends!

ps- Do you have a word or a theme for 2015? Do share!

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