moving overseas!

moving to saipan

Hello friends! I have been meaning to write this post for, well, for the last few weeks, but attempting to cross all of the must-do items of my list each day has just about swallowed me up. As you probably gathered from the post title, we are moving! Overseas! To Saipan, more specifically, a little [...]

home again (and some fun news)

middle east travel pictures

After the longest day of travel in the history of the world (ok, it wasn’t actually the longest travel day, it just felt like the longest travel day), the Smooches and I are back in Denver! As we try to reacclimate to winter and Mountain Standard Time, I thought I’d share some fun news (and [...]

glimpses of our middle east trip

oman travel

Since February is, without a doubt, my least favorite month, and since my Cakepops (aka nieces across the ocean) are growing up quicker than my heart can handle, we are spending the month in middle east with Jordan and her family. And, I will be honest, I think my February blues could be solved with [...]

the best news of 2013

customized 2013 blog planner by kojodesigns

I know, I know, we’re only eleven hours in. But I have some seriously great news that I feel the need to share immediately. Get ready for it. My 2013 planner is completely blog (and chore!) customized. See, I have a thing for lists. And a thing for planners. And a thing for organization. So [...]

merry and bright (and white!)

family christmas eve

Happy Christmas friends! Three things that make today absolutely fantastic- 1-It’s CHRISTMAS! Woohoo! 2- Jordan and her family are in the States for the holidays. They are making their way toward Denver as I type this, so maybe as you read this, we’ll already be together? I am absolutely giddy- so excited to hug my [...]

abc’s of love- passing it on in honor of sandy hook

abc's of love in rememberance of sandy hook

Even after avoiding the Sandy Hook news all weekend (it makes me cry every. single. time), I just can’t shake the yuck, friends. There are a hundred things that I know to be true that I could tell myself as a comfort, but this is one of those times where there just aren’t feel-better words. [...]

i heart….

Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 9.29.56 PM

iPhones (just got my first smartphone- I know, finally coming out of the dark ages)! And also instagram! Later, I know I will love this little picture trail of our park dates and Saturday morning donuts. Plus, I like capturing (and sharing) little sneak peaks of the projects filling my to-do list right now. So [...]

my favorite things giveaway

favorite things giveaway at kojodesigns

Can I just tell you how excited I am for today’s giveaway? We’ve joined up with twenty four of our favorite bloggers, all filled baskets full of our favorite things, and are all giving them away today. So. darn. fun. Here’s what to do: Take a quick glance at the gift collage below Scroll to [...]

on having it all

freezer cooking

I got an email this week that made me cry. And not because it was super sweet (which it was). It made me cry because my friend Delia was asking how I manage ‘have it all’ (balance the duties of keeping house, parenting, blogging/crafting, being a friend and making time for me) and I am [...]

a few things to love


While I finish up a few projects, some photo-shooting, and some picture editing (an adorable birthday party, Halloween costumes, and even a couple cute fall-ish clothes tutorials are all on the docket), I thought I’d share a few things I am LO-OVING lately, After admiring Kelly Moore’s photo-totes from afar for the last couple years, [...]