how to quickly make a whole pile of confetti

how to easily make a whole pile of confetti

As I was gathering pictures for the confetti tutu tutorial (it’s forthcoming), I remembered a trick I stumbled upon as I was prepping the Confetti Surprise Party that was a game changer for me and thought I’d pass it along. If you’re planning a confetti party (or confetti fight), the demand for confetti will be [...]

DIY polka dot ‘confetti’ shirt

DIY polka dot pocket shirt

Coming up with Confetti Party favors for the girls was simple- twirly, sparkly confetti filled tutus. When I asked Burke what kind of polka dotted favor I could make him, he replied, “Are there confetti Legos?” Haha! This simple shirt with a polka dot pocket (and some bouncy balls!) was my non-Lego answer. To make [...]

a confetti fight (aka the most fun a kid can have)

confetti boxes confetti fight

The highlight of the confetti party was, for sure, the confetti fight at the end! Before everyone arrived, we filled boba straws and push pop containers with confetti. After filling little gable boxes with confetti shooters for each cousin (and a little confetti shooting practice), we gave each one their box and let the kids have [...]

confetti filled surprise birthday party

confetti party

My sweet niece Keadryn is an event planner in the making- I love hearing her creative, detailed, oh-so-elaborate party ideas. My kids and Jord’s kids all LOVE parties, but out of our combined broods, hands down, Keadryn loves them most. A couple months ago, Kead saw a show about a surprise party. Right afterwards (and several [...]

mojito bar- drink station perfection

pink, summery mojito bar

The best part of Katie’s girly, pink baby shower (well, Sip ‘n See) was gushing over Baby Niah and her new wardrobe (baby girl clothes are just so darn cute!). But a close runner up was the Mojito Bar! In fact, Mojitos might rival Mimosas and Sangria in the perfect-shower-drink (or even just perfect-party-drink) categories. [...]

a girly pink baby shower

pink girly baby shower

What happens when one of your very best friends, who is the mama of three boys, has a baby girl (after leaving the gender a surprise!)? An over-the-top PINK sip ‘n see (two days before you get on an airplane to Saipan), of course! This girly baby shower (well, Sip ‘n See) was so much [...]

a rainbow of party candy

a rainbow of party candy

As part of my little brother’s 30th birthday party, we put together a little rainbow of party candy (along with the Nacho Bar). It was so very easy, just candy cups filled with all different colors of candy, arranged in rows. But it’s so pretty- such impact for so little work equals something I must [...]

the most thoughtful going away party

going away party with globes

Our going away party was last weekend. Of course, I can’t take credit for any of the fabulous ideas, but our friends put together such a gorgeous, thoughtful, party that I thought it’d be a waste not to share some pictures with y’all. There were globes everywhere- dotting the tables, next to the dessert buffet, [...]

thirtieth birthday party- NACHO bar

nacho bar- the perfect party food

Our baby brother turned thirty (30!?!) a couple weeks ago. When we started planning his birthday party, our priority was great food. And cheese. Aj (our brother) loves cheese. So we brought back an old favorite- the Nacho Bar (our last Nacho Bar was a huge hit as well!). It’s such a crowd pleaser, and so easy to [...]

modern summer fiesta- more DIYs

bright and modern summer fiesta

Today brings two more fabulous DIYs for the modern summer fiesta party hop! These tissue paper flowers by Paisley Petal Events are the perfect festive touch for this fiesta (and could work for all sorts of other parties as well). And I love this hit-the-can party game by Paging Supermom- what fun! Seriously, I cannot [...]