kojo tutorial- fabric backed business cards


Hey friends! After the craziness of SNAP plus the Sewvivor finale, things are s-l-o-w-l-y resuming to normal around here again (well, I have a quite the swag bag to unpack, a bunch of pink and green sewing remnants to clean up and a cold sore from taking on too much and not getting enough sleep, [...]

easy valentine date art


I love pinterest. Really, isn’t it just brilliant? I am sure you have seen the fabulous date-art floating around (see some of our ‘pin-spirations’ above… some are people’s DIY projects and some are from fabulous etsy shops). I love the idea and now is the perfect time to make one for someone special. To make [...]


Since we keep getting emails and special orders for them, I went ahead and stocked the shop with a few different valentines! And if you read the kojo blog, we’ll give you a 20% discount (just email us beforehand and we’ll set up a custom listing for you)!

polka dot paper tent labels- how to

Cocktails & Mocktails (my favorite summertime party!) is this weekend!  Party prep is in full effect around here… there are all sorts of yummy ingredients for appetizers and desserts in the fridge, piles of decorations littering the craft room, and a gigantic, half finished to-do list sitting on the dining room table. As I was [...]

fabric father’s day card

As a spin-off from the fabric scrap Mother’s Day cards, here’s the super simple “Dad” version.  Isn’t the argyle stitching a fun touch?  And you still have plenty of time to whip one up before Father’s Day…

kojotutorial: sewn ruffle card

Need a bit of ruffle-y loveliness to send to a friend? Pair a blank card (or a card-sized piece of cardstock)… with a line of stitching and a little ruffle rosette (just shift the ‘petals’ around while you stitch the bottom layer to the card)… Instant mail-ready lovely!

simple handmade mother’s day cards

If you’ll glance at your calendar, you’ll notice that it’s Thursday, May 6th.  That means that Mother’s Day is just three days away.  Despite my best intentions to have handmade gifts and cards in the mail to my sisters and sister-in-law already (we’ll see both my mom and adam’s mom on mother’s day, so we [...]

invite season!

Both of our work tables have been brimming with invites this past month, but I don’t think we’ve shown you any of them!  Here are some that went out this week (the details weren’t blurred on the actual invites, of course- haha!).  I love the orange and orchid palette and the felt-and-paper pairings!  I’ll try [...]

more fun for the postman

Another idea for spicing up your outgoing mail?  Use a 12×12 patterned piece of paper as your envelope!  I just fold the patterned paper around whatever I’m sending (well, as long as what I’m sending isn’t super tall so that I don’t have to pay the extra postage), hot glue the edges, hot glue the [...]