how to make your own custom 2013 blog planner (part 1)

how to make your own custom blog planner by kojodesigns

I have a pretty specific list of dayplanner requirements- it has to be big enough for list making, have monthly overviews and daily space, and have room in the back for me to jot down my ideas. My dayplanner wishlist makes that list even longer- I would love to have a readymade chore list right [...]

kojotutorial- lined purse organizers


The idea of an organized purse delights my heart. Just say it, “Purse Organizers.” Sounds good, right?   I have to say, a special spot for Burke’s change of clothes and accoutraments, a spot for Piper Jane’s extra clothes and diapers/wipes/creams, and a special spot for snacks has been revolutionary for my purse and its [...]