why I hate august

If you read that and thought it was because of the heat, guess again. Heat I can handle. The end of summer I cannot. I know that Fall has a large and faithful contingency, but I am a summer girl through and through (if you want to talk fall, email Jord). And since August is [...]


A glimpse of our week:       inviting- so many celebrations, so many invitations printing- love the skull and crossbones- I think I might make it a standard option in the shop handmaking- I think this gift-a-week challenge at the boy trifecta is sheer genius. Just one handmade present a week until Christmas- doesn’t [...]

on our craft tables lately

Hmmm… between the new baby (still trying to find my crafting groove with Piper Jane in the mix) and sytyc, the projects gracing our craft tables that we can show you are a little sparse. I’m assuming y’all have different seasons where you have more (or less) time to be creative, too, right? Anyhow, this [...]

on our craft tables lately

A few of the things we’ve been making: An Abby Cadabby tutu with a matching Elmo shirt for a friend’s niece and nephew More skirts! Birthday party invites Nursery decor And… a top secret project that we can’t wait to show y’all!

other people’s genius… and ohdeedoh!

Cheers to the crafty mavens of the world who inspire me, and, even better, whose projects make their way off my to-make list into real, actual, finished projects!  A couple tutorials we’ve tried out lately: The Wipes Clutch tutorial at Homemade by Jill… actually, I made two of these (one for my sis and one [...]