a vintage, girly chair redo for piper jane

I am a great waiter. Not like, serving-food-at-a-restaurant-waiter, like delayed-gratification-waiter. I’d rather hold out for something that I really love than get something that I sort of like. Along those lines, I’m still waiting to find a few ‘just right’ components of Piper Jane’s nursery- the most important being a lovely, girly, glam chair. As [...]

you are my sunshine print (and wrapping paper covered mat)

Have I ever told you that I sung the song, “You Are My Sunshine,” for my entire pregnancy with Piper Jane? Couldn’t get that song out of my head! And now, we call the little miss, “Sunshine” (and about twenty other nicknames) as a tribute to my pregnancy-o’-sunshine.  We made this for her sunshine-y room, [...]

piper jane’s nursery FAQ (and project tutorial round up)

This post is mostly in answer to all of the questions I’ve received about specific projects in Piper Jane’s nursery (let me pause to say- your gushing has me blushing)- kind of like a Piper Jane Room FAQ. The grand challenge was to decorate her room on our ever-so-strict budget… thus, almost everything in the [...]

kojotutorial: smooch pillows

I already mentioned that Piper Jane is the nickname queen. I have to admit that Smooch is my favorite nickname, though. Also, the variations- Little Smooch, Smooch #2, Smooch-eroo, Smooch-erooski- are pretty great too! Perhaps it’s because I love hearing calls of “Hey! Smoochers!” echoing through our halls. Or maybe it’s the ruffles? Or the [...]

a vintage glam nursery for the little smooch

Hello friends! Welcome to Piper Jane’s little space (not quite at my self-imposed beginning of October deadline, but that’s just how it goes sometimes, right?)… Yep, across the outside of her door is the “It’s a Girl” banner that we hung on our door at the hospital (we aren’t gender finder-outers, remember?). Adam asked me [...]

the ikea clock makeover challenge

My Very. Favorite. Part. of this ‘blog world’ is the friends I’ve made through kojo.  I don’t have many ‘real life’ friends that share my passions for sewing and party throwing and general crafting, and I’ve loved connecting with people (like Alicia! and y’all!) who totally understand put up with my need to text pictures [...]