the best posts of 2013 (and happy new year!)

best posts of 2013

Happy New Year dear friends! I mentioned last week that I was kind of hurrying 2013 out the door, and that’s true. However, looking back through pictures to round up the best posts of 2013 was good for my heart. Last year, though not the easiest, was also full-¬†full of celebrations (including some of my [...]

handmade gifts- wool felt baby doll diapers

how to make felt baby doll diapers (no sew)

I think I’m getting lazy. Usually at the beginning of December, I have a lofty list of holiday decorating to do, handmade gifts and Christmas outfits to make (and have already made a solid dent in that list). This year, I am finished Christmas shopping for Burke (not a handmade gift in the bunch), have [...]

kojo tutorial- drop waist blouson beach dress


If you sent me into a clothing store with $50 to spend, chances are I’d come out with a new dress (or two- depending on the store). I realize that it’s probably more practical to buy separate pieces, but dresses continue to woo me with their ease and promise of a one-piece-outfit. And I kind [...]

kojotutorial- reversible dress with pretty pleats


Have I told y’all about my fascination with pleats? Yes? Well, just in case you were wondering still- I love them! They’re just so preppy. And pretty. And pleat-y. This dress is the perfect excuse to pleat and pleat some more- especially since it’s reversible (twice the wearability, but only one hanger!) AND super simple [...]

kojotutorial teeny tiny pigtail bows


  Thanks for all of the Little Piggie love, y’all (I have to admit, I am just about smitten as well), and for the Sew-vivor votes (I made it through to Round 2- Wednesday is the big reveal)! Today, I thought I’d share the tutorial for the little teeny bows. They are very much based [...]

rows of ruffles dress at Ruffles 2012


We love the annual “Ruffles” series at See Kate Sew! We shared this Rows of Ruffles tutorial there first and thought we’d share it here as well! Piper Jane’s “Rows of Ruffles” dress was inspired by a store window at the Gap, actually. Around Christmas, they had these fabulous dresses as part of their displays, [...]

kojotutorial- the oasis dress


Hey friends! As we wrap up Sewing for ME!, I thought I’d share the Oasis Dress tutorial over here as well (it was on Kelly’s blog a couple weeks ago). I made this dress for Jordan, but looking through the pictures makes me want to whip one up for myself as well… When we saw [...]

vintage pillowcase skirt


Last September, I did a guest tutorial at Whip Up for a fabulously simple skirt with a retro vibe. I made it from a thrifted pillowcase (isn’t the geometric red and blue fantastic, by the way?). It’s super simple, but I thought it’d be a good addition to Sewing for ME! To make one yourself, [...]

how to make heart bokeh (or any shaped bokeh)


Well, last week the DIY photo shoot and the heart bokeh was my So You Think You’re Crafty “love” entry. Even though it was my demise (SYTYC wise), I love the other competitors and their projects. And to be honest, I am a bit ‘competition-ed out.’ If you are considering doing back-to-back craft competitions, go [...]

kojotutorial- distressed stenciled bike shirt

I love the fabulous distressed t-shirts I see in kids boutiques (my favorites are by Axel and Hudson). Of course, Burke needs more of these in his wardrobe! Want to make one for the little guy in your life? You’ll need: -a t-shirt -fabric paint (I used martha stewart’s new paint line- you add “fabric [...]