the most versatile dresser

the most versatile dresser

As we got ready to sell our house and leave Denver, we played a game with all of our furniture called “Sell or Store.” Almost everything went into the “Sell” category (our house buyers were the primary recipients of our Sell furniture), but there were some pieces of furniture that were either sentimental (everything from […]

DIY polka dot magazine file boxes

DIY file folders- add gold foil stickers or polka dotted paint for an easy office project

These polka dotted magazine file boxes were one of my favorite DIY projects that I made for my sewing room. They’re so easy to make, uber functional (the perfect spot for my pile of instruction manuals and other useful, but not pretty, items!), and the polka dots are perfection! To make the painted boxes, I […]

denver house tour

denver house tour

As the grand finale to the least conventional of all home tours (the one that happened mostly after we sold our house- haha!), I thought I’d share all of the house before-and-afters. Kitchen Living Room Stair Nook Kids Room Downstairs bathroom Upstairs bathroom Office/Craft Room Mud room There sure was a ton of orange wood, […]

how to make a glittery, sparkly monogram

how to make a sparkly monogram

One of the trickiest parts of having a girl-boy shared bedroom was trying to keep it non-girly but also adding feminine touches for Piper Jane (since it was her room too, afterall). Mostly, those touches come in the form of sparkles. My personal favorite was the glittered P monogram hanging above her bed. I’m sure you’ve caught […]

DIY cocktail napkins- birthday gift idea

DIY cocktail napkins

I’m excited to share today 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends, including my DIY cocktail napkins. I am joining forces with Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week along with over 100 talented bloggers sharing lots of inexpensive ideas and free printables! All week long, Kristen is sharing birthday tips and giveaways so be […]

burke and piper’s shared room

kid's shared room

Hello friends! We spent the last week moving into our rental in Saipan. It is just the opposite of our house in Denver- built this century, big, and very ‘coastal.’ I will try to take pictures this week for a little tour. All of the new had me scrolling through old house pictures this weekend- […]

bathroom makeover for less than $300

bathroom mini makeover

We didn’t quite have the time to do a total overhaul on the upstairs bathroom like we did downstairs. However, with only a couple hundred dollars and some paint, we did have the chance to give this bathroom a mini renovation. The main must-go-now component was, strangely enough, the white vanity. As far as ugly […]

bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel reveal

Writing these house tour posts is a little cathartic for me- even though the house is closed on and not even ours any more, there were just so many hours poured into making that house our home. It is so fun to look through the pictures and to share them with y’all! Y’all, I LOVE […]

a built in nook under the stairs

The perfect use for the space under the stairs- book shelves, a bench, drawers and even a little closet

So, we closed on our house last week. Honestly, that was a sad, sad day for me. Not only did we love that house, we poured so much of ourselves into the remodeling. Since moving overseas wasn’t even a thought until, well, until Adam interviewed for a job overseas mid-March, we picked details we loved […]

the kids’ reading nook- a little tour

cozy kid's reading nook

One kind of crazy thing about a really fast, really unexpected move is that we’re closing on our house in a few weeks and I haven’t even shown you pictures of any of it yet (well, except the wreck of demolition, the in-progress kitchen and the finally finished craft room). I kept putting off sharing […]