a couple of black apple dolls for the littles

“Bay-bee” was one of Piper Jane’s first words. She adores- loveloveLOVES- babydolls! She totes them everywhere she goes, hugs them, kisses them, all the while murmuring, “Bay-bee, bay-bee, bay-bee.” Of course, that means that the top of my To Make for Piper Jane for Christmas list read, “Soft Dollie.” And once I got started, I [...]

embroidered home sweet home wall decor

This embroidered HomeSweetHome wall art is a great way to highlight the places that are special to you! It’s simple, fun, and easily personalized, makes a great House Warming gift (or Christmas present). Even better, it matches pretty much any decor style. And it’s perfect for the geography buffs (or frequent movers) on your list. [...]

you are my sunshine print (and wrapping paper covered mat)

Have I ever told you that I sung the song, “You Are My Sunshine,” for my entire pregnancy with Piper Jane? Couldn’t get that song out of my head! And now, we call the little miss, “Sunshine” (and about twenty other nicknames) as a tribute to my pregnancy-o’-sunshine.  We made this for her sunshine-y room, [...]

gifts for guys idea round up

Y’all already know, and love Made by Rae, I’m sure of it! And today she’s OUR guest! Oh Rae. How I love you and your gorgeous, precise sewing (sunsuits and tights and beautiful bags) and your clean prettiness! The Buttercup Bag is one of my all time favorites (I made a couple last year!) and [...]

plaid scarf tutorial

Today’s guest, Kate from see kate sew, is beyond fabulous! She has some SERIOUS sewing skills (I cannot recommend her Sewing 101 series highly enough!) repurposes with great skill, has fantastic ideas (I need to make one of these toy cameras for my nieces!), and we share a grand love for pleats. Soul mates, I [...]

DIY rocket ship crinkle toy

Oh how I love today’s Gifts for Guys guest, Heidi from Sew.Craft.Create. Seriously. Love. Not only is Heidi the queen of headbands and girly goodness, she crochets some serious gorgeousness, she makes mundane things like zippers into things of beauty, she is a design genius (her blog has a different lovely look each season), and [...]

stenciled bike shirt tutorial

Today’s guest is the lovely Jen from Tatertots and Jello. And, y’all, I love. this. girl. Not only does she crank out the tutorials like no one I know, she has fantastic decorating ideas, shares my love for glitter, and rocks the wreath (seriously, the girl makes lots of fabulous wreaths!). Tatertots and Jello is [...]

make your own chapstick and foot scrub stocking stuffers

Ohmygoodness do I adore today’s Gifts for Guys guest, Alison from Oopsey Daisy.  She is so creative (isn’t her Joy display great- LOVE that rosette covered “J”), quite the party planner (I seriously lo-ove their Twinkie Party tradition), has fantastic gift ideas (totally making these coasters), and is so thoughtful in the way she spends [...]

big boy belts- a how to

Today’s Gifts for Guys guest, Cheri from I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar, is a pretty much an expert in crafting for guys. Her upcycled hats are the quintessential awesome-little guy-project and every boy I know would love the superhero room she designed. She also rocks the girly projects she tries (like this autumn bloom [...]

skateboard sling tutorial

Y’all are going to love today’s guest, Emily from The Boy Trifecta! Not only does she make the best boy stuff for her sons, and knit the most adorable hats ever, she also makes gorgeous purses! Talented, much? I am not kidding when I say that, if you’re needing tutorials for boy gifts, she is [...]