a little announcement

Since Gifts for Guys is taking over the blog starting next week (and since Adam’s Board Exam studying plus my kids’ lack of naps derailed Wednesday’s and Thursday’s to-do lists), Friday Fun Finds is taking a November hiatus. See you back here with your long list of linky’s in December!

friday fun finds: GUY stuff

EDITED TO ADD- PLEASE READ TODAY’S GUIDELINES BEFORE YOU LINK UP… IF YOU ADD SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T FIT WITHIN THE PARAMETERS, WE’LL DELETE YOUR LINK (we’d hate to do that!)! I can’t tell you how much we’re loving Gifts for Guys, y’all. And there is so. much. goodness. yet to come. Tutorials and guests and [...]

friday fun finds: dresses and skirts!

I haven’t emerged from the newborn cocoon enough to actually attempt sewing a dress for Miss Piper yet, but I have started a dresses-to-make-someday list from your fun finds these last few weeks. I love love love this garden party dress by nancy’s couture… love it! This halter dress at sevi designs is too cute! [...]

friday fun finds: sweet newborn bliss

I’m sure you can imagine what we’ve been up to this week- admiring teeny toes and fingers, oohing and aahing, and lots and lots of snuggling… and of course, feeding and diapering and all of those little necessities as well.  Not so much crafting, though, I’m trying to take advantage of Jordi’s eye for decorating [...]

friday fun finds: that beautiful feeling of being done

I was folding up fabric yesterday- leftovers from making diaper bags and projects for Burke’s room and little home-from-the-hospital ensembles (a boy version and a girl version)- and realized that the To-Make-Before-Baby list is done!  Finished!  I’ll try to round up pics of the completed products for y’all, but for now the picture above says [...]

friday fun finds: spruce a room

The flurry of nesting continues around here- mostly, that translates into projects for the baby room and Burke’s Big Boy room.  I wonder if I can squeeze any of these fabulous decor-type ideas from last week onto my to-do list? LOVE this initial art at Lilly Cakes This rosette canvas pillow at Creations by Kara [...]

friday fun finds: a fabulous week to sew

It’s been hot in Denver.  And we don’t have an air conditioner (most houses in Denver don’t).  However, my sewing machine is in our basement, which stays around 70 degrees year round.  So this week, I’ve been looking for excuses to go down there and sew.  Here are a few projects from last week that [...]

friday fun finds: sewing help

Y’all, this week I took on a sewing project that was way above my pay grade.  I will hash out all the gory details after our sister’s baby shower next weekend (because even when we warn her not to peak, she cheats and looks on here, and my project-of-projects is a shower gift for her).  [...]

friday fun finds:

Loved all of your craftiness last week… I have capped my to-do list for the next 2 weeks as we finish up final nesting stuff to get ready for Babycakes #2, but then it’ll be wide open again. Just a few of the projects we loved last week: Love this rosette lamp at decor chick. [...]

friday fun finds: patriotic goodness

We both love the 4th of July… There’s just something about a low-key, summer holiday that involves great food, hanging out in backyards with friends, fireworks and maybe a small town parade thrown in for kicks.  Simple goodness, y’all.  Here are some of the fabulous 4th of July creations that we love from last week [...]