pumpkin pie ‘harvest popcorn’

harvest popcorn with yummy fall flavors!

Even though the weather here is still in the high 90’s, we try to make things feel as “fallish” as possible. We start burning fall candles, we decorate with fall leaves and pumpkins, we watch football, and we make this popcorn. A friend shared it with me a couple years ago and we make it [...]

citrus iced white tea

iced citrus white tea

Hi friends! I’m not gonna lie, as I look at pinterest, and friend’s facebook pages,  I am getting pretty jealous. It seems like fall is pretty near and things like pumpkin spiced lattes, football, and chilly weather are very close. This is the hardest season for me to live in a hot place because I [...]

more juice!

juice recipes and combinations

Now that my whole30 is over, we have been juicing a ton around here (I missed it!)… Blood orange + grapefruit + tangelo Spinach + parsley + kale + green apple + pear + lemon Pear + carrot + green apple + kale + orange + grapefruit + cucumber + spinach Green apple + cucumber [...]

kale salad with tart cherries and pine nuts

kale salad with tart cherries and pine nuts

I kind of can’t believe I haven’t shared this salad with y’all yet. Given my affinity for kale salads. And tart cherries (I loooooooove them, y’all). And pine nuts. And goat cheese. Seriously, it’s like a Kirstin’s Favorite Things salad grand slam. This salad not a Whole30 compliant (because of the goat cheese and the [...]

more freezer crockpot recipes

more freezer to crockpot recipes at kojo-designs

After my little review of freezer cooking, and some tweaking, and a lineup of new (DELICIOUS) tried and true recipes, developed in house by our resident Chef Jordan, I am so excited for today’s post, y’all. As I mentioned in my review, many of the freezer cooking recipes we’ve tried just haven’t turned out very [...]

fish tacos with mango salsa

fish tacos with mango salsa

This is another really good fish recipe for non-fish lovers. The mango salsa really makes the dish, so don’t forget to make that as well! Also, I have had several people ask how to get corn tortillas not to crack and break. The secret is: buy good fresh corn tortillas from a mexican restaurant or [...]

paleo ‘ranch’ dip with fresh herbs

homemade paleo 'ranch' recipe- once you try this, all other ranches will be ruined forever

I will be honest. I first made this ranch dip just so Adam would try the Whole30 mayonnaise that I made. But then it was so good that we just keep making it. Even better, Burke always requests the “Special Ranch” with veggies (or sweet potato fries if he’s feeling lucky) as a playdate snack. [...]

fresh mango salsa

fresh mango salsa at kojo-designs

I just love this salsa. It is so easy to throw together and really takes mexican food up a notch. It’s actually more like a mango pico de gallo, meaning it is chunky and 100% fresh ingredients, but I promise you’ll love it just the same! Fresh Mango Salsa Ingredients: 2 large mangoes (pick firm [...]

how to make a rainbow of dipped ice cream cones

how to make rainbow dipped ice cream cones

As our calendars move closer and closer to September, we are trying to eek out every last ounce of summer- and what better end of summer treat than ice cream in these fabulously festive dipped cones? To make this gorgeous rainbow of sprinkle-dipped waffle cones you’ll need waffle cones, white chocolate bark (or white chocolate [...]

lime and toasted coconut crusted chicken (whole 30 compatible!)

paleo coconut limed crusted chicken recipe- whole 30 compliant and so delicious!

Oh toasted coconut, how I love thee. Alone… or on these amazing coconut lime chicken strips… or with crushed macadamia nuts and bananas…. It’s love I tell you. And this recipe for lime and toasted coconut crusted chicken strips (a hybrid of this fried chicken recipe and some lime-coconut chicken strips Jord tried in Oman) [...]