homemade restaurant style salsa

memade salsa at kojo designs

This salsa came out of necessity. When we first lived in the middle east years ago our closest “mexican” restaurant was in another country, so I had to figure out a good recipe. Fast forward a couple years to us living back in Texas with plentiful mexican food, and I realized I still preferred this [...]

baked sweet potato chips

baked sweet potato chips

We have been eating a lot of sandwiches around here lately (panini all the way) and this is the perfect side. These would also be great with a burger. Word to the wise though- these take a bit of time, so don’t plan on making these if you are having 50 of your closest friends [...]

vegetable barley soup

Vegetable Barley Soup

I know, I know. It’s spring. And y’all are probably sick of cold weather and warm cozy meals and all things wintery. But here in the desert we haven’t been beaten by the cold for several months and I am still jumping at any opportunity to make soup. This week we have had unusually cool [...]

freezer cooking- an honest review and a few tips

freezer crockpot cooking- an honest review and my best tips

It has been almost two years since I first tried out freezer crockpot cooking. And I will be honest- while revolutionary (not having to figure out dinner from scratch every night is seriously the best), there has been a decent amount of trial and error in learning how to make this work best for our [...]

skinny chocolate coconut bites

skinny chocolate coconut bites. made with coconut oil and cocoa powder. delicious!

Have you guys seen these morsels floating around pinterest? You know how we love coconut and chocolate together and anything that pairs the words ‘skinny’ and ‘treat’ is right up our alley. They are made with coconut oil and cocoa powder. The maple syrup appeases your sweet tooth, but with far fewer calories (and unpronounceable ingredients) [...]

how to help your kids fall in love with fish and seafood

how to make fish for non fish lovers- this white fish recipe is the perfect intro to seafood

Our family lives on a fishing beach on the coast, which means that our sweet neighbors often drop by with their ‘catch of the day’ to share- everything from tuna to barracuda to sardines to cuttle fish to crabs to an entire bucket of clams. Drew and I love seafood, so this is pretty much [...]

more freezer crockpot cooking recipes

freezer crockpot cooking recipes

  Last fall, when I went to go hang out with my sis and new baby niece, I put together a batch of freezer meals for her. However, the post got buried and I just rediscovered it this week! While I was there, we ate one of the batches of Texas Chowder together (YUM!), and [...]

meyer lemon curd

homemade meyer lemon curd

I mentioned that we got quite the stash of  Meyer Lemons that we’ve been working through (we’ve put them in four different dishes so far and still have several lemons left). My favorite use of our Meyer Lemons, hands down, is the microwave meyer lemon curd that we made. It is easy to make and [...]

eighteen must-try meyer lemon recipes

meyer lemon recipes

One of the greatest (and also most frustrating) things about Jordan’s grocery store here in the middle east is that the produce section is pretty much limited to seasonal fruits and veggies. The in-season produce is not only cheap (think $0.75 pomegranates right now!), but it also tastes so yummy to buy things that were [...]

lemon blueberry cake with lemon glaze

lemon blueberry cake recipe

You guys. This lemon blueberry cake is so good. Seriously, so good. My aunt Chrissy introduced the two of us (me and the lemon blueberry cake) and I am forever in her debt. She first found the recipe here. Try it. INGREDIENTS For the cake: 1 1/2 cups + 1 Tbsp all-purpose flour, divided 2 tsp [...]