simple sides- grilled brussel sprouts

how to grill brussel sprouts

I am one of ‘those people’ that really, truly love brussel sprouts. Love them. And a plate full of grilled brussel sprouts is one of my favorite side dishes, though not as easy to find here in Saipan as they were in Denver. However, if you can find some, this simple summer-y side is beyond simple [...]

tuna mango sliders with citrus mayo

tuna mango slider recipe

One of the greatest benefits of living on an island is the prevalence of fabulous, fresh seafood at every turn (I have been so thankful that Burke and Pi love fish!). We have been trying out all sorts of tuna recipes, but this one for tuna mango sliders (using yet another readily available Saipan-staple) is my [...]

super salads: peach pecan & goat cheese salad

peach, pecan and goat cheese salad

One thing I have been loving this summer as we make our rounds in the USA is all the simple al fresco meals we have been able to share with friends. Grill some chicken and veggies, make a salad, pour some ice tea and enjoy time with friends chatting and laughing and just enjoying summer. [...]

3 ingredient mango ice cream

homemade three ingredient gluten free ice cream

Ok, so I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t have made this three-ingredient mango ice cream minus the glaring lack of affordable ice cream options on the island of Saipan. Well, and also the fact that Adam’s sweet assistants keep bringing us bags (and bags!) of mangoes. But now that we’ve tried it (it’s [...]

super salads- southwestern black bean salad

southwestern salad with black beans and avocado

Since June is the perfect month for al fresco dining, we thought we’d round up our favorite salad recipes and share them this month! And this Southwestern Blackbean Salad (some people call it ‘cowboy caviar’) is summer perfection. In fact,  this salad wasn’t even on my original Super Salad lineup, but we have been hanging [...]

super salads- the yummiest chicken salad

chicken salad with pecans, fruit, and yogurt

I cannot believe it is already June! Kirst and I were talking the other day and she said “Weren’t you going to do a salad series in June?” and I said “Yes! Still planning on it…” and then it dawned on me that June was just a day away! We have been back in the [...]

thirtieth birthday party- NACHO bar

nacho bar- the perfect party food

Our baby brother turned thirty (30!?!) a couple weeks ago. When we started planning his birthday party, our priority was great food. And cheese. Aj (our brother) loves cheese. So we brought back an old favorite- the Nacho Bar (our last Nacho Bar was a huge hit as well!). It’s such a crowd pleaser, and so easy to [...]

stuffed baby eggplant

stuffed eggplant recipe at kojo-designs

So, I’ve lived in this part of the world for almost 5 years now and it never fails, every time I go to the grocery store and see all the exotic fruits and vegetables, I lament that I don’t really know how to prepare them. Now, eggplant isn’t really an exotic vegetable but I am [...]

strawberry limeade popsicles

strawberry limeade popsicle

We have had some seriously gorgeous weather here in Denver these last few weeks (including a whole set of 85 degree days- my favorite!). Even though I’m certain we’ll still get some yucky weather, and probably even snow, we’ve been living up our summer-ish weather with tons of time outdoors, popsicles, grilled pizza, the works. [...]