moving overseas!

moving to saipan

Hello friends! I have been meaning to write this post for, well, for the last few weeks, but attempting to cross all of the must-do items of my list each day has just about swallowed me up. As you probably gathered from the post title, we are moving! Overseas! To Saipan, more specifically, a little [...]

home again (and some fun news)

middle east travel pictures

After the longest day of travel in the history of the world (ok, it wasn’t actually the longest travel day, it just felt like the longest travel day), the Smooches and I are back in Denver! As we try to reacclimate to winter and Mountain Standard Time, I thought I’d share some fun news (and [...]

glimpses of our middle east trip

oman travel

Since February is, without a doubt, my least favorite month, and since my Cakepops (aka nieces across the ocean) are growing up quicker than my heart can handle, we are spending the month in middle east with Jordan and her family. And, I will be honest, I think my February blues could be solved with [...]

a long long trip (and a lego travel tote)

lego travel tote by kojodesigns (inspired by if only they would nap!)

Here’s the thing about your sister living a thirty hour plane ride away- going to visit her requires a thirty hour plane ride. When I didn’t have kids, well honestly, I still thought the trip was pretty brutal. But kids add their own special spin to long trips. And by spin, I mean they strike [...]

make a giant summer bucket list for $3

summer to do list poster

This week is Burke’s last week of school (can that be right?). And, since summer is my favorite of all seasons, I can’t wait to dive right into all that summer has to offer! I’m sure you’ve seen ‘summer bucket lists’ floating around- the idea is that your family makes a summer to do list [...]

the luckiest one- our love story

our love story

I have a hunch that all relationships are slightly skewed in favor of one person or the other, that a perfect balance, where each person contributes (and receives) evenly, rarely occurs. In our marriage, this balance is skewed in my favor. I ended up with the better end of the deal. In fact, I can’t [...]

hyatti: granny time!


We are in granny heaven over here! Drew’s mama hopped on an airplane and flew across the ocean to see our little family. There is nothing like grandma love, y’all. LOVE the time we get to spend with her and we are soaking up every minute!

Hyatti- walking


Haven’t the guests posts this week been fabulous? I rarely think of making things for myself, but this week has got the creative juices flowing. I currently have about 10 projects in the works, which I can’t wait to share! This week has also been fun because Miss Evie Kate decided this week that crawling [...]

hyatti- some things I’m loving.


First of all, wasn’t that post from kirst so sweet? It made me cry. I miss her terribly too and our unreliable internet makes it even worse. I do have an awesome husband who has gone to the phone company a gazillion times to try to get some action. He even pulled some strings to [...]