merry and bright garland

Yarn + replacement Christmas light bulbs + foil pipe cleaners = one seriously merry garland. Want to make one too? To make one of these merry gems, you’ll need- -replacement Christmas light bulbs -colored yarn -hot glue -pipe cleaners -a ribbon First add a dot of hot glue to the tip of your Christmas light. [...]

kojotutorial- stacked wool cozy trees

These are some of our favorite Christmas decorations- trees made from stacks of felted wool. They’re easy and look great. Want to make some too? Make a tree ‘trunk’ by sticking a wooden scewer into a disc of floral foam. Cover the base with a muslin ‘tree skirt’ (just a circle of muslin with a [...]

my christmas wishlist

Since my birthday is at the beginning of December (and since someone I know whose name rhymes with “Madam” exclusively shops off of my list), I make my Christmas wishlist in November. And, you guessed it, some of these goodies are already hanging in my closet or tucked away in my craft room (got them [...]

dyed wooden clothespins (and a christmas card display!)

Oh my. I think the geniuses at RIT Dye are my new BFFs. They’ve come up with a Color Formula Guide that lets you make more than 500 colors by combining their dyes (and sometimes water). I have this thing for custom colors and have always felt a little, well, stifled by the set group [...]

advent ornaments

names of Christ free printable by Hemmed In

A couple of weeks ago, I shared these advent ornaments as part of the CHRISTmas series at I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar. They are our new favorite Christmas tradition (and one you can still do too!), so I thought I’d share them on here as well. Jord and I grew up in a home [...]

happy december (and an advent countdown)

Hello there, sweet friends.  Happy December! This may sound ridiculous, but, much as I LOVE hosting fabulous series’ around here (especially ones that stock my Guy To Make list as well as this last one did), I miss being able to just check in with y’all! I feel like I get to the end of [...]