vintage storybook sip ‘n see shower

golden book2

I love a good sip ‘n see. And it’s twice as nice when you get to meet TWO sweet babies in one Saturday morning! Two of the families from dental school had babies in the last couple weeks- so a double sip ‘n see was definitely an order. THEME If y’all have been around the [...]

an all store bought treat table


I can’t say this enough- I love treat buffets. My sweet tooth is delighted by the rows of candy, cookies and cupcakes. I  also love the way a treat buffet can easily be the star of the party decor. Even with the many (many!) fabulous parts of the treat buffet, there are a couple of [...]

nacho bar how-to (or the Bar of Cheesy Tex Mex Goodness)

We might’ve mentioned our affection for themed buffets/bars once or twice (haha!). Since Jord and her fam are still in Denver, and since our Farewell to Summer BBQ was a joint Kirstin-and-Jordan effort, it was the perfect chance to try something new! And, after throwing several ideas around, we settled* on The Bar of Cheesy [...]