DIY anthropologie inspired leather belt

DIY anthropologie inspired leather belt (so easy to make AND would make a great gift!)

Ever since we arrived on Saipan, I’ve been plotting to have family pictures taken on the beach. However, when I finally put together that our fall travels would require our pictures to be taken at the end of October, I had approximately one week left to piece together our outfits. You know where this is […]

purse tutorial- metallic + neon beauty

neon and gold purse tutorial

Adam and I were talking about Piper Jane recently and he asked, “Are all girls this girly?” Ha! She might’ve gotten an extra dose of love for all things pink, and sparkly (and, of course, sprinkled). Which means that, by now, my new metallic-plus-neon-pink purse has been commandeered and filled with ponies and hair bows […]

DIY wrap it up bracelet

DIY wrap bracelet

We’re so excited to welcome today’s guest, Caroline from Sew Caroline- Hi There! My name is Caroline and I blog over at Sew Caroline about my life as a newlywed, our cute pup, and living a creative life. My passion is sewing and fortunately, I get to spend my days working at a locally owned […]

nursing infinity scarf tutorial

infinity nursing scarf tutorial

We’re so thrilled that The Cottage Mama, Lindsay, is our guest today- sharing a tutorial for the ever-innovative nursing infinity scarf- My baby boy, Caspian Finn, is six months old and while we have just started him on solids, he is still nursing quite a bit during the day.  I’m a big fan of nursing my babies […]

cinched fabric belt tutorial

cinched fabric belt tutorial

Today’s the first day of Sewing for ME, friends- starting us off is Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional with a fabulous cinched fabric belt tutorial. Hey, all! I’m Jess, from Craftiness is not Optional, and I’m so excited to be here with kojodesigns and Sewing in No Man’s Land for their Sewing for Me! series. Isn’t […]

49 fabulous fabric flower tutorials

I love (love love love) the vintage sheet fabric flower corsages that we used as favors for the Retro Garden Shower. And, after a little searching, realized that there is some serious fabric flower tutorial goodness floating around. Serious. Goodness. I thought y’all might like a taste of the fabric flower tutorial goodness as well. […]

anthropologie knock off vintage lace bracelet

DIY anthropologie knock off bracelet

The prettiness from Monday and yesterday continues today with a little anthro-inspired bracelet tutorial. In a word, lovely. The lace-and-pearls embroidered on vintage lace is just loveliness. The idea came from Anthropologie (shocker, right?). For Jord’s birthday, I was wanting to give her a present that was lightweight (read- easily packed), and just pretty. The […]

The Grove Necklace (an anthropologie knock off)

anthropologie inspired necklace tutorial

Well hello there fellow big ol’ necklace lovers! Of course, I couldn’t show you my new and very fabulous Anthropologie Knock Off necklace without giving you the directions to make one too! I’m nice like that. I’ve dubbed this one The Grove Necklace… that has a nice, forrest-y ring to it, don’t you agree? Plus, […]

beachcomber necklace- an anthropologie inspired beauty

anthropologie inspired necklace tutorial

After proclaiming my steadfast love for sundresses yesterday, today is the perfect day to showcase The Perfect Sundress Companion- a chunky statement necklace. Better yet, today’s Beachcomber Necklace pairs equally well with capri’s and a t-shirt (great for those sundress naysayers out there). We saw this gorgeousness at Anthropologie and fell in lo-ove with the necklace […]

vintage rose wrap knock off tutorial

Funny story- we *met* today’s guest when her knock off duvet kicked our knock off duvet’s tail in the Knock It Off contest at 733. Haha! Don’t you love that? And, while we’re on the topic, isn’t her duvet fabulous? Duvet tail-kicking aside, she is pretty darn great and we’re so glad for the chance […]