easy linen dress

easy reversible linen dress

easy reversible linen dress School has officially been out for two weeks here in Saipan and I can pretty much sum up our summer so far in three points- 1. Beaches/Hikes to Beaches 2. Pools 3. Summer Reading Program.

easy reversible linen dressIn other words, we love summer.

easy reversible linen dressNot that it hasn’t been an adjustment, nor has it been all sugar plums and sweetness around here (whoa still finding our groove and re-adjusting to hanging out with each other 24-7), but summer really does suit us. Sleeping in (ok, just not rushing out the door by 7:30), being outside, and tons of reading are not a bad schedule, not bad at all. Add in gorgeous beaches, a pool pass for the next month, and kids that are both at pretty darn fun ages, and we’re back to ILOVESUMMERSOMUCH.

easy reversible linen dressThe kids have been spending most afternoons playing Legos in the play room (which also houses my sewing machine and party supplies). Just being in there so much has led to a bunch of sewing projects, including this simple reversible linen dress, following this easiest ever dress tutorial (and adding a pocket). I love easy projects, y’all.
easy reversible linen dressFollowing the same process as I used to make Piper’s dress, I made Piper’s baby doll “Agnes” a linen dress just like Pi’s. To do so, I measured the approximate length from her doll’s shoulders to her knees. Then I made an outline similar to Piper’s pattern pieces (I used the full sized dress as a guide for the neckline, arm holes, sleeve ties and hem). Voila- matching doll dress. Aka four year old heaven.

easy reversible linen dressIf you want to make a little girl very happy, just make her mini me a matching dress. Good note to file away.

easy reversible linen dressI hope y’all are enjoying the beginning of summer as much as we are (and weathering the bumps that all the together-time brings as well!). If you find any super-easy sewing projects that need to make their way to the top of my pile, pass those along please!

homemade coconut key lime sugar scrub

the perfect compliment to a DIY pedicure- homemade coconut key lime sugar scrub (bonus- it smells like summer in a jar!)

Y’all know that summer is my very favorite. Ice cream! And grilled pizza! And swimming pools! And sundresses! And sandals! Living in the land of perpetual summer means that I’m pretty much a DIY pedicure expert. My key ingredient- homemade sugar scrub. And this coconut lime one is pretty much summer in a jar (what could […]

bright & modern pirate birthday party

bright and modern birthday party ideas- pirates & pajamas themed party

Although I anticipated several consecutive years of Lego birthday parties, our proximity to the beach wooed Burke toward buried treasure and pirate patches this year. Black and white with pops of color made a bright backdrop for a “Pirates & Pajamas” party. Brunch was Burke’s birthday party meal of choice. His requests were Voodoo donuts […]

our favorite chocolate chip cookies

our favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe- these are perfection!

These chocolate chip cookies are the definition of comfort food. Our mom wasn’t huge on baking (ok, mostly she wasn’t, and still isn’t, huge on sugar consumption), but I loved making these chocolate chip cookies with her. And now I make them with my kiddos and they love them. I love it. And I love […]

free father’s day printable questionnaire

free printable father's day questionnaire

Eeeek, y’all, Father’s Day is this weekend. As in, three days away. Adam’s gifts this year are all tied to our trip to New Zealand in the spring (aka- a night at a fishing lodge, a day with a guide, etc.), so the kids and I have been brainstorming ways to make Father’s Day special without […]

seoul city guide- a travel guide for families

Planning a trip to Seoul (or aren't yet, but will be after reading this city guide)??? This travel guide includes extensive recommendations of what to see and do (even better- it's written by a family that lives in Seoul!)

Friends, I am absolutely blown away by today’s city guide (part of our series of travel guides for families- written by families that live in those cities!). I have to confess, I asked Jess to write this city guide knowing full well that we had a trip to Seoul in the works. I did not […]

the best brunch food station- a biscuit bar

the best brunch station- a biscuit bar with all the fixins'

Burke, my bread guy, had a couple of requests for his birthday party brunch. Voodoo donuts (which were slightly out of reach- I shared our citrus glazed donut replacements) and biscuits. Lots of biscuits, with all of the fixins’. Thus, this brunch-y Biscuit Bar. It was such a hit that we’re considering making a Round […]

cookie butter ice cream (aka the best thing I’ve ever tasted)

homemade cookie butter ice cream recipe (aka- the best thing I've ever tasted)

I am prone to exaggeration. But there is not an ounce of embellishment when I say that I think this homemade cookie butter ice cream with chunks of Biscoff cookies speckled throughout is the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Friends, it is seriously cuckoo-for-cocoa-pops amazing. And it’s the perfect addition to the Summer Fun Series […]

why I hate birthdays (and why I love them)

why I hate birthdays (and why I love them)

With as much as I love birthday parties and the chance to celebrate the year that’s past and the one to come, my kids’ birthdays are pretty hard on this mama’s heart. I am both absolutely smitten with the stage that Burke is in right now- all personality and curiousity and keen observations and hilarity, and also […]