DIY snake plush toy

DIY snake plush toy- what a great gift idea (and so easy to make!)

DIY snake plush toy- what a great gift idea (and so easy to make!)Burke has been infatuated with reptiles since he was little, and he has a special place in his heart for snakes- stuffed snakes, snake exhibits at the zoo, plastic snakes, snakes in our yard (thankfully there aren’t many of those, and the ones we have aren’t poisonous!).

DIY snake plush toy- what a great gift idea (and so easy to make!)He always points out these cute stuffed snakes at Land of Nod and Ferm as a Christmas gift idea. Since I missed the window for almost all Christmas gift ordering this year (things just take SO long to get to Saipan), I spent a decent chunk of December making presents for Burke and Pi- including a batch of extra fabulous stuffed snakes.

To make one, you’ll need-

-one 6” x 36” rectangle of fabric

-two ‘snake head’ pieces of fabric (3” wide base)

-two tapered ‘rattle’ pieces of fabric

-leather scraps to make eyes and forked tongue

DIY snake softie- what a great gift idea!Cut out all pieces. Sew the ‘head’ pieces to the top end of the long rectangle piece, placing the bases so that they meet up. Similarly, sew the ‘tail’ pieces to the other narrow edge of the long rectangle. Pin the leather ‘tongue’ in place, sandwiched between the two head pieces.

Sew up the tube of fabric, leaving a 6” gap in the middle of the snake ‘body’ and following the edge of both the snake ‘head’ and snake ‘tail’ with the sewing machine. Make sure to catch the leather tongue in the line of stitching to secure in place. Turn inside out and stuff with batting. Sew the opening shut. Using fabric adhesive, glue the leather eyes to the snake face and let dry.

IMG_3305Done! One perfectly fabulous stuffed snake for your favorite reptile afficianado.

luau first birthday party

luau- the most tropical of hawaiian parties

I mentioned last week that my sweet friend Mylyn hosted a luau first birthday party, heavy on the endless summer vibe. The party decor was dotted with perfectly island-y- pineapples wearing sunglasses… …the treat table was pineapple heavy (and also super simple)…. …and rows of coconuts made perfect luau drinks! Between tons of real pineapples… […]

our first winter in the tropics

saipan winter update

I’d intended to do Saipan updates more frequently (besides what I post on instagram). In fact, I’ve had “six month Saipan update” on my Kojo post list for… well, for the last three months. Haha! How about a nine month update instead? Overall, we are doing really well! This little season has been a complete 180 […]

party themes- sprinkled with love party ideas

party theme ideas- 24 sprinkled with love party ideas

Remember once upon a time when Piper Jane turned 2 and had a Sprinkle Party? Well, as you might imagine, that party theme is a little hard to top. So even though she loves Madeline, and glitter, and Frozen-and-mermaids-and-princesses (this year’s party theme ideas so far), every year we throw around the idea of having […]

family lent printables

easter countdown (like an advent calendar, but for lent!)

I think I mentioned how much I loved our family advent study a couple months ago. It was super simple, just reading one story each night from the Jesus Storybook Bible and hanging an advent ornament. But it was the first time I felt like our advent countdown has really helped us get our hearts ready […]

easter countdown

easter countdown (like an advent calendar, but for lent!)

I’ve mentioned this before- since Easter is our biggest holiday as Christians, I am always looking to make it a bigger deal around here. This year, I wanted to make an Easter Countdown (kind of like an Advent Calendar). In typical wait-till-the-last-minute form, we finished it up this afternoon. It starts after Ash Wednesday, which […]

luau food- the best DIY pineapple treats

Luau food ideas- these DIY pineapple treats cups are the perfect addition to any luau (or Endless Summer party!)

A couple months back, one of my darling friends here in Saipan held a luau first birthday (with an “Endless Summer” vibe) for her son. Since “tropical and bright” is February’s greatest need, I’ve been editing the pictures this week (and should have them up next week). In the meantime, I thought I’d share the […]

mod crayon roll tutorial (with leather accents)

DIY crayon roll tutorial

The summer before I entered second grade, our family took a cross country Amtrak trip. It was fantastic for so many reason, not the least of those being that my parents took four kids ages 8, 6, 4 and 2 on a cross country train trip! Whoa mom and dad! But also, my mom is […]

party like a rock star

Time to party like a rock star! This sweet rock star birthday party includes all sorts of party ideas- like the abundance of disco balls!

My niece Josie (aka- the cutest 2 year old EVER) loves music and is constantly singing. It is darling, and also just begs for a fabulously musical, disco ball studded rock star party, don’t you agree? Guess which aunt was home from Saipan for said birthday party? Yep, this lucky girl right here. And what […]