about kojodesignsHello! We are Kirstin and Jordan, the sister team that blogs here at kojodesigns.

We both love life’s ‘big’ moments- weddings, babies, birthdays, international travel for weeks at a time. But most of life doesn’t happen there, does it? Life is mostly made up of small moments- Tuesday dinners, jeans and t-shirts, loads of laundry and afternoon bike rides. And since life is mostly lived here, in the ‘small,’ kojodesigns was created as a space to celebrate making everyday life beautiful.

about us kojoMost of the projects we share help pretty up your house, or your wardrobe or your dinner time (can you pretty up dinner time? Perhaps simplify your dinner time is a better way to put it…). We also share love to share baby and kids projects, and low maintenance ways to make memories as a family (like homemade playdough- easy, cheap and fun!).

how to make a purse-like diaper clutch by kojodesignsAnd Kirstin cannot seem to stop sewing purses, totes, and baby bags, so those pop up now and again (and again and again).

about us kojoWe are firm believers in celebrations- birthday celebrations, new baby celebrations, last day of school celebrations, potty training celebrations, “it’s-a-Wednesday” celebrations (we even have another blog, Shiny Happy Sprinkles dedicated just to parties!). These celebrations, strewn over the course of months and seasons, are a great way to honor life’s occasions, big and small.

A little about Kirstin and Jordan…

IMG_8576-001Kirstin is wife to one (amazing… and patient!) man, mama to Burke, Lego architect extraordinaire, and Piper Jane, glitter afficianado and one-day cowgirl/ballerina/dentist/diva. They’re in the process of adopting (YAY!) and can’t wait to add another name to this little list.

about us kojoKirstin is a Jesus lover, a sundress wearer, an endorphin junkie (ok, really just a not-that-fast-runner), a diet-coke enthusiast and a Youtube trained sewist. She loves skiing, the mountains and her city (Denver), but would move to a tropical beachy locale in an instant if given the chance (#notevergonnahappen).

kojodesigns about usJordan’s family includes her husband Drewbobaby (his family nickname- he’ll be so glad we shared that on here), Keadryn, a diligent and dramatic event-planner-in-training, Sayla Grace, the consumate free spirit, and Evie Kate, their chipmunk cheeked comedian.

about us kojoJordan loves pumpkin spice lattes, jeans with chunky wool sweaters and boots, and all things cozy, which is ironic considering that they make their home in the Middleeast. She loves Jesus, speaks Arabic and Spanish, makes miraculously yummy food with limited ingredients (and an extra temperamental oven) and can usually be found behind the lens of a camera.

about us kojodesignsYou can read more about Kirstin here and more about Jordan here and here.

We’d love to connect with you over email (kojodesigns@gmail.com), or here-

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