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how to make bow shaped rice krispy treatsI’m still working on the final post of Evie’s Bow-tique Birthday Party… In the meantime, I thought I’d share these super cute, extra yummy bow shaped rice krispy treats.

how to make bow shaped rice krispy treatsTo put them together, we took rice krispy treat squares (Jord used Smitten Kitchen’s brown butter rice krispy treat recipe), cut them in half on the diagonal, turned the halves around to meet in the middle, smushed the two sides together and then added a gum ball in the center.

how to make bow shaped rice krispy treatsWe couldn’t stop the kids from sneaking them- though, learn from our mistake and be sure to warn guests that the centers are gum balls (not candy)- haha!

how to make bow shaped rice krispy treatshow to make bow shaped rice krispy treatsSuch yummy (and cute!) treats- perfect for a bow party! More details to come…

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  1. I have gender-reveal baby shower to make cookies for this weekend and I may just bring these instead. Thanks!

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