crockpot freezer cooking

crockpot freezer cooking


  1. Heidi seltman says

    Can you suggest a good alternative for the zucchini in your crockpot meals? My family is not a big fan of zucchini but loves most Chinese food so we were going to try the easy crock pot meals like the Orange chicken, Beef and broccoli etc. and also what is a good way to make rice with these? Can you throw it in the crock pot too or does it need to cook separate? If you throw it in, what kind, and how much etc? Thanks so much! I’m trying to do better cooking for my family. My moms idea of cooking was melting the fry baby lid in the fryer and cooking the French fries serving them up with melted black plastic lol! I need advice :)

    • Kirstin says

      Hey Heidi! Love the story about your mom! :)
      You could always just omit the zucchini! I can’t think of a great replacement (unless you like squash?)…
      As for the rice, I usually make it in a rice maker right before dinner the day that I’m serving the meal.
      Hope that helps!

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