super simple sand pail cake

For those of you who wondered, the sand pail cake from Piper Jane’s nautical party was super simple!

To put one together, you’ll need:
-a baked cake (we just made a boxed cake mix)
-instant vanilla pudding, prepared (we used two boxes)
-a pound of blackberries

Separate the cake into half and then half again. Reserve one quarter of the cake to make ‘sand’ crumbs. Cut the rest of the cake into bite size chunks. Fill the bottom of the pail with cake pieces.

Pour pudding over the cake. Add blackberries on top of the pudding.

Add another layer of cake on top of the berries. And more pudding on top of the cake.

On top of the final pudding layer, add a layer of ‘crumbs.’ Break the cake into tiny pieces.

Spread the crumbs to fill the top of the pail. If you have shell table scatter (I found mine at Target), add that and a shovel for serving.

Oh, and if you need a smash cake for a one year old, make a mini one. The mess is fabulous!

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  1. Samantha @ Moody Mama says

    That is such a cute idea :) I love 'dirt cake' so this is a great twist! And the mini one for a smash cake = love!!

  2. Megan says

    I clicked on a link from Money Saving Mom to get here and read the whole post before I realized whose website it was. What a fun surprise! Love this idea, Kirst!

  3. Tiny Treasures says

    I think the only thing different I would do is make the shells out of a chocolate mold so they could be eaten. Love the idea!!!

  4. Tiny Treasures says

    The only thing I would do different is make the shells out of chocolate. Use a chocolate mold and make them colorful!!

  5. flutemom says

    joan- check the 'directions' listed in the blog. she used two boxes of pudding, mixed according to package directions. hope that helps!

  6. flutemom says

    joan- prepare the pudding first (she mentions in the list of things you will need that she used two boxes)

  7. Liza says

    I usually use vanilla wafflers and never thought to use fruit like black berries! Awesome idea! :) Will try this next time!

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