the easiest holiday dessert- buttermilk chess pie

the easiest holiday pie- buttermilk chess pie (this homemade pie comes together so easily- it is the perfect pie to add to your Christmas menu!)

Before I met Adam, I had never even heard of buttermilk pie (or any chess pie, actually). But it is so yummy, and so very easy to make. It’s the perfect holiday dessert because homemade but with so little effort! Also, it’s Burke’s favorite dessert (well, tied with Texas Sheet Cake, yet another never-tried-before-Adam treat). […]

coconut pecan date balls

coconut pecan dateballs

A few years back, a friend came to visit us in the Middle East and upon seeing just how many dates we eat, receive, have available at the store etc. she immediately wrote her grandma and asked for her date ball recipe. Since then, I have made these date balls roughly 9,000 times. They are […]

christmas wassail- our family’s recipe

Christmas wassail- a family recipe

If I had to pick a smell that is Christmas to me, I think wassail would be at the top of my list. It may be even higher than the smell of evergreen? Just maybe, though- haha. We’ve shared our wassail recipe before, but as I was making up a batch, I thought I’d highlight […]

our tropical Christmas- a tour and link up

saipan christmas tour

Y’all, I am so excited to share a little glimpse of our tropical Christmas today (and I can’t wait to see your Christmases as well!). Especially since this year’s Christmas looks a little different than our holidays in years past. In fact, if I had to describe our December so far in three words, they’d […]

DIY anthropologie inspired leather belt

DIY anthropologie inspired leather belt (so easy to make AND would make a great gift!)

Ever since we arrived on Saipan, I’ve been plotting to have family pictures taken on the beach. However, when I finally put together that our fall travels would require our pictures to be taken at the end of October, I had approximately one week left to piece together our outfits. You know where this is […]

homemade caramels (and a free label!)


Hi friends! This year, we have a wonderfully busy holiday season between my mama coming to visit for Thanksgiving and my brother, sister-in-law and darling niece coming for Christmas! I can hardly wait. In honor of my sister-in-law’s visit, today I am sharing something from the archives. Her homemade caramel recipe! It makes the perfect […]

handmade painted wrapping paper

handmade painted gift wrap

We had so much fun painting wrapping paper last year that we decided to try it again this year. Regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper plus red and green paint equals the perfect wrapping paper for small gifts. And honestly we have mostly small gifts. The painting makes such a fun activity. And, even better, such […]

how to make metallic gift card holders

metallic gift card holders

After last year’s printable gift card holders (and felt gift card holders), y’all already know that I am a huge fan of giving gift cards (controversial, I know). And I stand by that sentiment- I love giving gift cards as Christmas gifts. Also, since we live halfway across the world from most of our family […]

perfect sugar cookies

how to make perfectly perfect sugar cookies- sugar cookies intimidate me, but this post has tips for making the cookies and tips for the frosting as well!

Since it IS the season of cookie exchanges and since Jordan (the queen of the sugar cookie) gave me the best sugar cookie lessons ever awhile back, it’s only fair to share them on here as well. Also, she’s gotten four requests for her sugar cookie recipe this week. So share we shall! I should […]

sweet & salty holiday deliciousness (aka christmas crack)


We’re skipping Adam’s mom’s annual cookie party this year (darn six thousand miles), but it turns out that there are Cookie Exchanges in Saipan as well (imagine that). Which means that our tropical home has been filled with the smell of Christmas baking these last couple days. This sweet and salty, slightly addictive (hence the […]