DIY fringed drink stirrers for a summer fiesta


Are you guys loving the Summer Fiesta projects as much as we are? The bright, happy details are perfection! And today, we’re sharing our DIY fringed drink stirrers! To make a batch of these sunshine-y toppers, cut a folded piece of tissue paper into a 6″ segment (mine was about 30″ in length and 6″ [...]

bright, modern summer fiesta

summer fiesta party hop

Today’s DIYs for the summer fiesta Party Hop are fantastic! I love how this fiesta came together and am so excited to see the DIYs for all of the projects. The DIY Taco Invitation by Not Just a Mommy is the perfect way to set the stage for some serious fiesta-ing. And I am over [...]

a modern fiesta- party hop!

summer fiesta party hop

Between our love for salsa and mojitos, a summer fiesta is pretty much the perfect way to celebrate in our books. Then add in a collaboration with ten other talented bloggers and a Summer Fiesta becomes even more fabulous-filled with fringe, festive touches, and thoughtful details. The bright, modern vibe is especially fantastic. Balloon Time was [...]

homemade restaurant style salsa

memade salsa at kojo designs

This salsa came out of necessity. When we first lived in the middle east years ago our closest “mexican” restaurant was in another country, so I had to figure out a good recipe. Fast forward a couple years to us living back in Texas with plentiful mexican food, and I realized I still preferred this [...]

baked sweet potato chips

baked sweet potato chips

We have been eating a lot of sandwiches around here lately (panini all the way) and this is the perfect side. These would also be great with a burger. Word to the wise though- these take a bit of time, so don’t plan on making these if you are having 50 of your closest friends [...]

moving overseas!

moving to saipan

Hello friends! I have been meaning to write this post for, well, for the last few weeks, but attempting to cross all of the must-do items of my list each day has just about swallowed me up. As you probably gathered from the post title, we are moving! Overseas! To Saipan, more specifically, a little [...]

DIY pom pom garland

how to make a pom pom garland

I get questions about how I made the pom pom garland from the Sprinkle Party all the time. It isn’t tricky to put together, but I thought I’d put together a quick step by step to answer all of the questions. To make one, make a pile of pom poms (you guys know how I [...]

homemade mint limeade

homemade mint limeade at kojo-designs

We have a TON of mint growing at our house currently and our friends have a lime tree and often send us home with more limes than we know what to do with. So, we drink limeade. Homemade Mint Limeade Ingredients: 6-8 limes (medium size) 2 large handfuls of mint 1/4-1/2 cup sugar (depending on [...]

DIY glittered clothespins


One of my favorite projects in my sewing room is the glittered clothespins (strung on a line, currently holding up my favorite ever calendar). They are EASY to make- just paint the clothespins gold, sprinkle with glitter, let dry and top with clear glossy spray paint- and they look fantastic! Also, they just seem to [...]

sewing spaces- craft room redo complete!

studio space reveal- sewing room/craft room

I’ve been working on putting my craft room/sewing room together since the first of the year (with a February break to go visit Jord and crew)… …and I finished it up just in time to share as part of the 2 little hooligans “Sewing Spaces” series. I’m loving the chance to peek into some of [...]